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  1. I'm getting exactly the same threat at the moment via phone, e-mail and letter. After not paying anything for 6 months would this 'default' have such an impact on an already trashed credit file? Or, is this simply trying to put the frighteners on as they know it wouldn't stand up in court?
  2. Hi Exchange That is the total of what they have sent- nothing else, blank on the back.... And I know its the only thing I ever signed (even to the point of when they asked for cards returning burning them)!
  3. I know its massive but you would have needed eyes like a hawk to even try and make out what was in the small print.
  4. Thanks all- they were also asking for my partners income details- she has no debt to MBNA whatsoever so I think I'll pop this one in the bin.
  5. I thought I had finally got to a point with MBNA where real negotiation could begin (More fool me) but they insist they can take it no further without me disclosing my income and outgoings. Of course, I am suspicious but has anyone done this and its been of benefit to them? Personally I think its them trying to gather 'ammunition' but would welcome adive from those who have been in the same position.
  6. Incidentally, they have already offered to reduce the balance, albeit the charges and interest they have continued to add while it has been in dispute. Should I read anything into this?
  7. Thanks Meebroke- To be honest I don't really care about my credit record just the fact that they have failed to fulfill their legal obligations. So you think them asking for a token payment to delay the default is simply them stalling me or perhaps trying to get me to admit the alleged debt stands? If so is that tactic not borderline blackmail?
  8. Hi all After not getting a CCA and putting the account into dispute MBNA are saying they will default me in 2 weeks time and are pressing for payment to allow another month before this. I thought an account in dispute could not be sold on so what would be the best option with regard to this. Thanks
  9. Can anyone advise on this? Going to send another account in dispute letter but in the meantime MBNA have sent a letter saying "According to our research you are a home owner and we may enorce a charging order etc...."- is this their usual tactic? I have stated to them that I need to see the original agreement but have been met with answers like "There are 8000 of these requests at the moment so there is a backlog" Sorry, but if a multi-national bank can't source 8000 documents then questions need to be raised about their ability to operate correctly and within the law.
  10. Hi folks Went down the CCA route ( see http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mbna/181685-fireyjack-mbna-fight-begins.html ) - nothing delivered in time so put the account into dispute. As you can imagine MBNA did not acknowledge this and continued to add interest and demand monthly payments. Anyway, unfortunately an 'account manager' got hold of me and started to put the onus on me- saying they need a statement of my outgoings etc and trying to sidestep the issue of MBNA needing to get their house in order. Could anyone advise as to if they are allowed to add interest on cred
  11. Well, the Optima letter has now turned up. Should I CCA them? Also got a reply to my telephone harrassment letter- you probably all will guess that they are saying they are acting reasonably. Had a number of anonymous texts "Please call one of your banks".....misleading to say the least. Starting to wonder where to go with this one.
  12. Got a letter informing me they will be registering a default with the credit reference agencies. Now, I thought this was not allowed due to the account being in dispute. Is there a letter template I can send to re-iterate this?
  13. Got a statement yesterday (Despite my line of credit being supposedly removed 3 weeks ago) that showed them still adding interest and fees. Still getting the one call a day- one to my bosses direct line the other day (I rang Aegis to make a payment from it 7/8 months ago)- they assumed he was me and started trying to get a payment. Surely that breaches all Data Protection rulings?
  14. fireyjack

    MBNA Phone Lies

    Had some crackers since I sent the harassment letter. Only about one call a day but they must be getting desperate. "You might be aware of a court case on BBC- well that went in our favour" "We don't need to go through security to talk to you" "We don't need your credit agreement to pursue the debt" "We are a phone only bank, we don't do writing" Keep it up MBNA (No doubt someone is reading this from Chester)- you're giving us all more ammo than we could ever dream of!
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