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  1. Hello all, I am looking for some advice and guidance about a forthcoming employment tribunal I have for unfair dismissal. The case is simple, I was made redundant in November after being switched departments to facilitate the redundancy along with very strict timeline to pass my knowledge on to colleagues to mitigate risk. Less than 1 month after my last day of work I noticed that my position was being advertised on various employment websites. So I have sent the ET1 form off and received a hearing date for June. The process dictates that I need to send a letter
  2. I totally agree, it shouldn't have been on the road. What I have done is not fair on my wife who is definitely fuming at me for not telling her.
  3. Hi there, The insurance was cancelled at the end of the policy because the last payment couldn't be made due to large debt situation.
  4. My wife has just been pulled over for no insurance. She does have a license, MOT and TAx, but no insurance. So the car has been impounded and she is about to get a fine and 8 points on her license. The problem I have is that she wasn't aware that the insurance was cancelled. As she has suffered from depression for a while I stupidly didn't tell her that the insurance was cancelled so she was unknowingly driving without insurance. I am willing to make a statement to the police to say it was all my fault and not hers. Would this help at all with the impoundment or the point
  5. Ok, new update on this one. The police sergeant advised me to bring a civil litigation complaint against both the Debt Collectors and also Merseyside Police. Anyone know of a decent legal aid solicitor who would look at this case?
  6. If you have a look at this site below it proves that foot in the door is forced entry direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTaxAndBenefits/ManagingDebt/DebtsAndArrears/DG_10034289 I have the sergeant visiting me this morning so will be gathering all the information together and will post an update after the visit.
  7. Thanks for your help with this people. I know it will be a hard one to prove to anyone, especially if they close ranks with the officer. I am willing to carry this one as far as I possibly can, I know I am in the right, however as already been posted above, knowing and proving are 2 completely different things in the real world. Hopefully the officer will have entered into his police report that the DCA gained peaceful entry by putting his foot in the door. If that is in the incident report then I will have them by the short and curlies, if not then it will be difficult.
  8. Thank you will ask if it can be escalated to an inspector if the Sgt turns out to be an idiot. However, he has spoken to me a few times and does seem genuine.
  9. My wife attended the doctors yesterday and has now nreceived different medication to help her sleep and manage the extra pain.
  10. Oh I will be doing that, got a mountain of paperwork printed today, to show exactly where the gits have broken the law and possible infringement my human rights.
  11. Just after a bit of advice on this folks. On Monday Night I returned home to find a bailiff with his foot jammed in our front door and my wife asking the bailiff to remove his foot. I then went over and asked them what was happening, and they advised that they were here to do a walking possession of my house for rent arrears owed to a private landlord. I advised it was in dispute (It isn’t, but first thing I could think of), He didn’t believe me at all. After about 10 minutes of asking him to remove his foot from my door he finally did to allow my 7 year old son to go i
  12. Hi Chris, Thanks for the replies. I have an appointment with our local councillor next week (He lives in the same street as me) and he is going to see if he can get it passed back to the council. With regards to paying the council on-line. I have heard a couple of times that if you pay online it won't go off your arrears but will go off this years bill or even next years bill. Do you know whether this is true? I also read that once the bailiffs/DCA have a liability order then we have to deal with them direct. I can pay the £100-£150 each month and can keep it up until
  13. Hello all, I'm hoping that someone here will be able to help me out of a situation. I haven't paid any council tax on my property for the 18 months that I have lived here. This is mainly due to having limited funds. After receiving numerous letters, court summons and DCA letters (Which I ignored) I received a hand delivered letter from Marstons Bailiff advising that they would now be attending with a locksmith to remove goods. I then decided it was time to take my head out of the sand and deal with the issue. My wife (Who is co-debtor) spoke with Marstons to g
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