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  1. t&ca.pdf t&c.pdf docs that were emailed
  2. thank you, I forgot all about my previous post
  3. thanks guys i did set up a payment plan when they first called me because of the threats of baliffs would turn up to my house and court action. how ever i immediatly stop payment when i did not receive a cca back from them. i will speak with barclaycard later on today and find out when last payment would receieved. could i tell them to pass the debt back to barclaycard because the amount hfo is chasing is almost double to what was actually on the card? also i noticed on the cca that it shows protection for job loss and around the time i could not pay the debt i told barclaycard
  4. i'll have a read of their posts, the only proof of duress i have is from the wife and work. thank you for the quick reply
  5. I was wondering if anyone could offer me any advice. I have a company called HFO services is chasing me for an old barclaycard debt from 2003 They first contacted me in 2006 regarding this matter and I disputed it with them telling them I do not know of the debt that they are chasing. (unaware it was barclays, because the about was almost £1000 more than what they were asking for.) They threatened me with bailiffs and legal action so I agreed a payment plan (which was far too high) to stop legal action. They started pestering me multiple times a month and even Sundays for pa
  6. HFO Services have never mentioned Roxburghe in any letters, they even say over the phone that barclays sold them the debt, but barclays say they have sold it to Roxburghe Thanks for the reply DonkeyB, I will get on it.
  7. i just found out barclays sold my acount to roxburghe http://www.roxburghe.com however HFO Services Claim they purchased the debt of Barclay card. is this right? can another company claim they are collecting for Barclaycard when they are collecting for Roxburghe? any help would be appriciated I also found out the oust standing debt barclays gave to Roxburghe was £2096 HFO are chasing 2750 plus charging interest everyday is this legal?
  8. I Have just had a very rude man from hfo call at 8:30 this morning depanding me pay another one to stop the interest. I have already set up a payment plan with hfo and now they are demanding more money. They say they have never received my CCA Request even though I have proof of signature. I also found out that every one i have been deling with is in india! if I have done a cca request even if I have set up a payment plan. can I cancel everything till they give me what i have requested? also does any one have a default letter to report these idiots?
  9. thanks S.B well they have defaulted on the CCA, will send a Subject access request before i stop paying
  10. thanks so what information should I get from a cca? looks like I have gotten the letter muddled up.
  11. thanks Shelbelle ! much appreciated
  12. Hi all I have been reading through posts to try and help with my situation and read the best way to get help is to start your own thread. Right I got into trouble with Barclaycard who then sold the account to HFO Services. I have dealt with HFO for about 4 years, setting up payment plans and failed twice due to inexperience of debt management. I have now got it all my debts under control and paying HFO services monthly, however I have sent a CCA request to see what I actually signed up to. (I was 18, I am now 25.) I do acknowledge the debt and do want to pay all my deb
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