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  1. has your dad got proof of his payments to HMRC? Any payment plans he entered with them? this is important.
  2. what is this head H fee? the car is on HP so know they cant levy so i think they should remove that fee. they included dates breadown and most show same dates for each account. how can i word it to the council as they have said they deem the fees reasonable. id rather pay of 113 from my arrears and not on the cowboys!
  3. Had a result. The council have taken the debt back and there was a 128.00 outstanding whichwe werent aware of and this was triggering the bailiff action.The council have put it all together and Ross & Roberts have confirmed they arent invloved anymore. The council have said that they fined the bailifs fees acceptable and will pay them from the money they get from me. However............. I got a breakdown of fees from R&R and something doesnt add up. I have 3 accounts and the fees are: 1st account : 1st visit fee 24.50 & VAT 3.68 2nd visit fee 18.00 &am
  4. hia. Yeap. managed to pay off some through online payments but bailiff just keeps on knocking regardless! Last we heard they had given it back to council who we were paying anyway which was beginning of October last year. Had a letter demandin 2000 february this year then a guy came yesterday and added 546.06 to the bill. Councillor involved now im trying to find the template that requests breakdown of fees and states you wont gain access etc. cant find it.
  5. Hi Rae. Just because I dont want to deal with the Bailiff. I had a reply from them today to my email saying they thanked me for my comments but until they hear from the council their action must continue. cheeky gits. i didnt make any commentsd i requested a breakdown of charges and wanted the certificate of the bailiff. my councillor helped today by getting the council to halt bailiff action and look into the situation and try and come to an arrangement with me> shes been great and said if needs be she will request a meeting with the council and go with me to stop them fobbi
  6. anymore help would be appreciated guys! anything else i can do? have forwarded the email i sent to the robbing gits and the council to my local counillor asking her to get the council to holt bailiff action until ive established the breakdown of fees. please can someone just confirm ive done the right thing?
  7. that would be something! any templated or ideas as to what i could send to the council asking them to hold him off while investigation into the fraudulent fees are looked into?
  8. thanks Hollowitch. I found a template requestng a breakdown of fees on here. Letter before action. ive emailed that off to them and CC the council in too. I will also send it recorded delivery tomorrow to them. if ive requested this, can he still come back in the mean time? he was a big bugger!
  9. Hi guys. had a rather bulshy bailiff try and knock my door of its hinges today. after a while he gave up but put a letter through my door syaing i had to contact him today. our debt to the council has risen by a whopping 546.06. Have checked out his certficiate from the sticky by Tomtubby and nothing comes up for him and hes not registered as a bailiff for Ross & Roberts (who he seems to be from) can you help me word an email i can send to the bailiffs and cc the council into please? i want a breakdown of fees from the bailiff company. dont want him to come back in the mean tim
  10. you get 1/ hour free with a solicitor. go and tell them everything. i had an arse of a landlord once. the law is more ont eh side if the tenant than the landlord! if you went through an agent, i would assume you have a tenency agreement yes?
  11. Hi all. Me again. New saga in our life just as things got sorted! Any advice appreciated! my fiance bought a car 2 years ago on a 5 year finance deal with Black horse. Due to the financial touble, he couldt pay the 155per month needed so Lloyds agreed for him to pay 80.00 and sent him 2 payment book to keep him going. 4 months later hbe had a letter to say that he needed to pay the finance off or they would take the car. He went to their offices and spoke to a lday there who said the 80.00 was a short term agreement as it hadnt been told to him clearly they would agree to take 140.00 as a
  12. no problem terry. your sounding better and stronger already. together we can beat the bailffs.
  13. terry. stick woth hallow. shes helped me alot in the past and youll be safe with her. just try and relax. dont let the bailiff in and keep your doors and windows locked. check your councils website. most have an option to pay online. you can pay your outstanding monies that way. They cannot refuse to accept payment anyway and if its over the next, they wont be able to stop it. that way youve paid your debt and can tell the bailiff where to stick his fees! (you will have to pay 24.00 and the 18.00 bot no more than that)
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