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  1. Hi minmoo Yes it was a credit card, and yes mbna were the creditors. If you are thinking of trying Full & Final with them make sure if sending payment that it is through a third person. In my case they took the 3 payments from a third persons credit card. Yea I know that credit should not be paid with credit but I suppose they didn't care. Cheers Jim
  2. Hi Hotdog Mine is still hanging, no result yet on PPI, fair bit behind you at present. litigation started by DG not been to court yet though. When I say no result on PPI, they haven't said p*ss off yet, maybe that's a good sign, cos egg said p*ss off by return of letter. I would have to give it some serious thought starting action against them in court, could prove costly and also courts might just over rule and side with HSBC, meaning you lose. I'm not experienced with this but would be worried doing it. Maybe someone more enlightened will come along and advise you with this.
  3. Hi Hotdog I hope you pointed out that their assumption that the card balance is cleared is based upon pure fiction, as if they do their research correctly they will see that you have maintained a healthy balance on the card, therefore earning them interest on the balance. And furthermore at no time during the life of the card have they told you they want the balance clearing at the end of each month, of course if they had you would have complied, but the usefulness of said card would have been diminished almost to being useless, and if all card holders were treated thus, they would not ha
  4. Hi steven4064 Thanks for the reply. I see only too often that there is no follow ups to threads, it leaves the reader wondering what has happened next (after reading hundreds of posts sometimes). I just thought that folks should know not to be too shy of doing F&F with creditors as some are OKish. Yes totally agree I will keep paperwork etc probably much longer than 7 years. Hope someone else sees this and reports similar results. Cheers Jim
  5. Hi all Update I did as havinastella suggested and paid the amount through a third person. True to their word (so far) I have not heard anything else from MBNA A&L regarding the remainder, so I think by now that they intend to keep their word and not send anyone else after me for the balance. I will of course keep all correspondence and tapes of calls, for many years (just in case) Jim Did anyone else from this thread go forward and offer F&F successfully ??
  6. Hi Hotdog Where are you at with this now ? Did you reply to their statement that they assume card balance is paid off each month. ? If you wanted to pay off balance each month you would go for an arranged OD or short term loan, or maybe a payday loan, but you didn't you went for a credit card with a trusted mainstream bank with a large credit limit and at a very high interest rate. You are under no obligation to clear the balance each month as the card issuer asks that you pay at least 3% minimum payment each month (can vary with card companies), meaning that they do not wa
  7. Well Slick I didn't particularilly want a thread, I was infact giving support to MandM and exchanging views. I thought the idea of the forums was to get discussion, I have seen many threads on CAG that have gone off topic completely but have not been edited like this. You have infact removed posts that MandM made which are relevant to his thread. I would rather you had just deleted my "non relevant posts" from MandMs thread, and not moved MandMs posts. JIM
  8. Hi MandM and Bosund Yes totally agree we need to keep each other in the picture. I think it's going to be a long battle as they are all tightening up and the laws are changing for their benefit not ours. Jim That was a good win for you Bosund hope MandM and myself get that sort of result eventually.
  9. Hi MandM That's interesting as I've not had my sar stuff yet so no statements, will scrutinise when I get them. As Bosund says sorry for the hijack, but all relevant to the cause I hope. might be another part to the jigsaw. Jim
  10. Hi Bosund That's good news, can you point me to your thread. (save me searching) How long did it take from begining to end. Did you get contractual interest, I know from other threads that EGG say they don't charge it on PPI but quite simply the DD is set up for minimum payments or whatever else you choose, so you just leave it at that and the fact that they asked for a minimum of 3% each month means that you pay that. so in effect if you don't clear card every month then the PPI gets added to card balance each month, I argue that if no PPI was attached to the card then I would have st
  11. Hi All This is a scan of the screen dump refered to in above post. you will see that most boxes have been blanked out by EGG before sending to me. reason because they are their internal comments, it shows that egg have full access to fill unfill or alter these boxes. What they don't send is a screen shot of the page that supposedly takes you to this page. so still need to know if the yes/no box was preticked in 2000, as the rest of the form is greyed out boxes I would assume that it was preticked waiting for you to untick it JIM below black line screen dump.pdf
  12. Hi Bosund Well done Glad you won, did you have a good judge? I will look see if i can find your thread. Yes I fully believe that EGG have control over the online aplication process, probably even moreso in the year 2000. You have come to the same conclusion as myself regarding the section below the black line, looks like it is for their use only! all other fields there refer to internal stuff. I will try to put a scan of the bottom part of the screen dump so others know what we refer to. My application has my disposable income the same as my monthly income, what planet are they
  13. Hi MandM I'm still in same situation as you, EGG have twice said tough you ticked box. What I can't remember is as my account was opened in Oct 2000 I guess there was a box to be ticked, Or was it a box that was already ticked. This is the bit I am not sure of, also they say that EGG cannot have any input into this screen but on the screen dump that shows a box containing "Accident ,sickness, unemployment" there is also boxes blanked out which one I believe states your credit limit. So I presume that EGG does have access to that page, so if they can access that part of the page it means
  14. Hi John Am I mistaken or does it say that defendant should return AQ by 31st January 2010 and not 2011 Jim
  15. Hi MandM I'm still watching your thread, I have sent SAR request to EGG mainly to get statements etc, SO I can work out the PPI mis-selling. they have replied with bulls droppings asking me which transcripts of calls I want And dates/times etc. Your thread could well be mine, as everything in it applies to my EGG card, took out 2000 dial up internet timing out rushing to fill in online form, clicking all available boxes to try to speed up process. BANG ON. I don't hold out much hope at the moment, but fingers crossed. Keep up the good work. JIM
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