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  1. Just been reading and noticed this: However, after 6 months the liability shifts and you will need to prove that the fault was present at the time of sale before a refund will be granted. Any use to me? as the same issue has happened 3 times before.
  2. I purchased an Xbox One S last December from an shop that has now gone bust. I have had this game console replaced (Direct from Microsoft and not the shop I got it from) with brand new units 3 times, due to a faulty fan, since (the last replacement was in February) The exact same problem has happened last week. So I got on to Microsoft who said they would repair the console. I do not want this repair and want my money back. Microsoft refused to do this and said they would only repair the console. Can I get a refund or do I have to accept the repair? TIA
  3. Oh dear I am sorry to hear that and surprised about the decision by the union. I would appeal at every stage, this is very unfair and my thoughts are with you. Good luck and all the best
  4. speak to sankar he has a copy, and shame on u for not paying attention to company emails
  5. Shows how much attention people pay to emails. This email was sent out in december the commercial brief that is released EVERY month, if ANY SE staff want a copy PM me with your internal email address and I will forward it to you
  6. Firstly its not codswallop, contact RPSS and state this on your appeal and it WILL be quashed, secondly if you contact southeastern they will confirm this matter for you, ALL SOUTHEASTERN revenue staff have been informed of this matter and most competent staff are aware. Please check facts first before ranting. I will even post the email sent from senior management. I will state again that ALL stations in the same zone as your ticket is ARE valid and will be accepted, if you are issued a PF then this is wrong and you will win the appeal
  7. anyone care to add any more to this matter as it seems to have died an i was interested in the outcome
  8. I know of 5 people who have been imprisoned for rail offences in the last 3 years, my company has helped to convict 2 of these habitual offenders.
  9. I did contact my union rep but he says he has asked for this for years, i just wonder if i can take any action myself because I am quite willing to do so. Thanks
  10. Another [problem] merchant discovered, why do people lie, it really gets my goat.
  11. I am surprised as we got an internal email about 1 year ago saying this, we were also told not to disclose the information to the public if possible!!
  12. Nope this is no longer the case, as I stated before you can use point to point tickets as travel cards(not valid on buses and underground) the TOC's do not want this to be common knowledge, but I can assure you this is correct. you will win any appeal if you state the station is in the same zone as the one your ticket has printed on it. This rule came into effect in 2008 (approx April) This has been introduced as london TOC's have to do this as part of the PAYG oyster system that will be implemented from 2009
  13. Can anyone please help with this?? or even point me in the right direction
  14. Why do people say things they have no idea about, it is not THEFT the ticket does not belong to the passenger it belongs to the railway, and at ANY time a TI can request you hand over your ticket. What does need to be addressed is the fact that the TI took a ticket of a child, if the TI was in doubt he should of issued a NIL Payment Penalty Fare stating that the child has 21 days to prove he is under 16. This a simple process can quite painless. Also if the child was travelling further the TI should of issued a Free of charge ticket so the child could continue his journey, or at least made the Penalty fare out to the child's destination station. Remember when you buy a ticket weather its a daily or yearly it is NOT YOUR property, it belongs to the Train Company, in the same way a credit card does not belong to you. If a TI has reason to doubt the validity of your ticket he can take it back, this is not theft as the ticket isn't yours in the first place. ;-)
  15. REO's are allowed to remove you from their premises by force if necessary, so they can touch you for this purpose, the have received suitable training in this matter.
  16. Hi You fail to mention where this all took place, was it Orpington? Or Dartford? ETC Rail Enforcement Officers have every right to caution you if you have committed an offence that is recordable in court. And they are accredited by the British transport police. They have notebooks that they have to record their movements and any incidents in which is part of the accreditation requirement, the REOs have police radios and can contact the BTP directly. Have You have been issued with a £50 penalty notice of disorder (PND's) for trespass? or possibly for unacceptable behavior? (public disorder)which would be £80, they can remove you by force from any southeastern property so they can touch you for that purpose if you refuse to comply. They can access the PNC (Police National Computer) to issue PND's If you have spoken to the head of the transport police, then i am surprised that he has maybe forgotten that HE personally supports and accredits every one of Southeasterns REO's. I would think you have no ground to charge the REO's (via the police)but maybe issue a letter of complaint to the customer services at Southeastern, this would be more effective.
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