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  1. Just been reading and noticed this: However, after 6 months the liability shifts and you will need to prove that the fault was present at the time of sale before a refund will be granted. Any use to me? as the same issue has happened 3 times before.
  2. I purchased an Xbox One S last December from an shop that has now gone bust. I have had this game console replaced (Direct from Microsoft and not the shop I got it from) with brand new units 3 times, due to a faulty fan, since (the last replacement was in February) The exact same problem has happened last week. So I got on to Microsoft who said they would repair the console. I do not want this repair and want my money back. Microsoft refused to do this and said they would only repair the console. Can I get a refund or do I have to accept the repair? TIA
  3. Oh dear I am sorry to hear that and surprised about the decision by the union. I would appeal at every stage, this is very unfair and my thoughts are with you. Good luck and all the best
  4. speak to sankar he has a copy, and shame on u for not paying attention to company emails
  5. Shows how much attention people pay to emails. This email was sent out in december the commercial brief that is released EVERY month, if ANY SE staff want a copy PM me with your internal email address and I will forward it to you
  6. Firstly its not codswallop, contact RPSS and state this on your appeal and it WILL be quashed, secondly if you contact southeastern they will confirm this matter for you, ALL SOUTHEASTERN revenue staff have been informed of this matter and most competent staff are aware. Please check facts first before ranting. I will even post the email sent from senior management. I will state again that ALL stations in the same zone as your ticket is ARE valid and will be accepted, if you are issued a PF then this is wrong and you will win the appeal
  7. anyone care to add any more to this matter as it seems to have died an i was interested in the outcome
  8. I know of 5 people who have been imprisoned for rail offences in the last 3 years, my company has helped to convict 2 of these habitual offenders.
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