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  1. no dont think they ask about drug use but they might see it in your blood samples if they check for drugs
  2. im not sure if they did but i would of thought so, they send the blood off to be tested for beer in it and they ask when you last drunk any beer and how much so you cant lie anyway
  3. are you trying to put the pictures on to the website? you need to use a picture hosting website and insert the link photobuckets a good one to use.
  4. Hi there im in debt probley small to some of your debt however i keep missing payments and could do with sorting it all out and getting debt free one loan with RBS £3600 over 4years, outstanding balance to pay around £1700 with a stupid high intrest rate, £90 a month RBS credit card maxed out £650, £30 a month black horse finance around £2000, £112 a month mobile phone contract £35 a month bike insurance £40 a month little woods £450 now what i would like to do is to write the loan off but im only 21 and dont have a clue how i would go about this, or even
  5. my brother has it and he also gets a free bus pass. i think theres a form to apply for but will check up with him when i see him.
  6. did you ask them to fit you a new engine or to repair the one thats in the car? if you just asked for a new engine fitted then they shouldnt have been investigating what the damage to the engine was. so if you just said fit me a new engine ect then you should be asking why they have been investigating the engine damage.
  7. yes thats what i thought about doing but i dont want to land my self in it if they find out i wasnt insured. If i do go and claim using a no win no fee is the orther partys insurance company likeley to check to see if i was insured on the date of the crash even though it wasnt my fault could they get off with out paying out
  8. i would of just put a car cover over it and hoped for the best
  9. i passed mine about a year ago didnt have a drink the weekend or week befroe i had it they took some blood and did blood pressure and a wee sample lol its easy just be honest and dont drink for a week or so and theres nothing to worry about.
  10. did they move the car? the driver should have motor trade insurance and hold a valid lievence to move cars even on there own land if its open to the public and if they didnt im sure he would of been breaking company policy and the company insurance wouldnt be valid.
  11. dont pay nothing im a mechanic an i know how easy it is to diagnose a cat if its rattling chances are its the cat, rev the engine high small bits of the cat fly out, somtimes dosnt rev as it should big piece of the cat stuck in the pipe blocking air flow. chances are the first garage know what to look for. and as for ( it was ok 3 weeks ago ect) they can go whenever they want, most of the time they go when they get hot and melt the ceramic inside.
  12. Hello everyone to cut a story short i was knocked off my motorbike (not my fault). anyway i got the police refrence number to give to my insurance company (quin direct) phoned them up to claim, they then informed me i wasnt insured i asked why they said there was a missed payment in november and they sent me a letter saying so which i did recieve. the letter said i had 14 days to pay or my insurance would be canciled. they then sent me another letter saying to contact them or it would be canciled. i had recieved a letter from my bank saying the payment has been paid however there wasnt any mo
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