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  1. It was sent to the same friends address that the initial citation went to. I didn’t expect this to happen when I had to reply by April which I did. I also did check online for any details, but found nothing. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have sent email requesting information as to why my original email was not actioned. I did have the case number in the subject line on my email. I only got a letter from registry trust, nothing else from courts or Shoosmiths thanks
  3. Hi, I sent all details as requested with address and contact email. I did not get a response to my email in March. Have been waiting as I know there has been delays due to covid. I sent original email with a cc to make sure it was sent/received correctly. Now I dont know what to do, Thanks
  4. Hi, I sent on my updated details to sheriff in the time allocated, but now I have had a decree dated june 2020. So it looks to have progressed with no further instructions from sheriff? Anything else I can do? Thanks for your help in advance
  5. Hi, does anyone know what to do in this case. I received this yesterday. Defaulted March 2015 and account closed 2015 By the original credit card company Letter from from shoosmiths in 20th jan 2020 then this delivered to my friends home on dated 20th feb- I moved abroad 7 years ago no not resident in uk. Can anyone give me direction? Thanks
  6. thanks bazooka boo, will sit and wait.
  7. no agreement sent to me, only t&Cs as you said. bcard letter states that it is all in order, but I don't agree. I have defaults on my credit file now, so not happy.
  8. hi bazooka boo, I only received the letter from Barclaycard, plus the T&Cs as above. Now receiving letters and calls from westcot. i'm not quite sure what to do now?
  9. the rest of the uploads thanks
  10. Hi, 1. original company barclaycard 2. debt- both credit card 3. opened number 1: 1999/2000 and number 2 in 2003/4 4. Westcott on behalf of Barclaycard 5. balance 1=8k, balance 2 3k 6. no ppi 7. there will be charges and late fees for the last 6 months. having a small issue with some of the uploads, will keep trying. thanks
  11. Hi, I will try and upload them in pdf. originally 2002 ish with MDSW and 2004 or 5 for egg-both now barclaycard I got letters from Westcott and also now 2f. I have checked my file and been defaulted on my payments.
  12. I have been struggling the last year to pay my Credit cards. I stopped paying them 6 months ago and asked for CCAs, but now they have been passed on to Debt collectors. I requested a CCA from the original credit card company at the time and they sent this reply and the CCA. How do I know if it is valid? Its a reconstituted CCA. Can someone give me some advice? thanks
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