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  1. thanks for looking at that post. So what should my next course of action be with this ?
  2. sorry still not great with photobucket ! Anyway for really hoping Post could look at this. This is the personal loan we had with welcome before taking out our secued loan, which in turn paid this above off early. You had previously said to me to check the correct rebates had been applied. It looks like we have been charged to pay this off early in the terms of "settlement penalty interest " I can't find anything in the t&c"s off the loan reagrding this, can they do this ? Just wanted any clarification on this because the end figure has then been transferred onto my sec
  3. been looking through the t&c's on the personal loan, no mention of early settlement penalties ! No surprises there then hey ?! anyway as regards my SAR wondering if another letter should be sent in that they have failed to give all info ? The other loans are with the 6 year period so am I right, it is the law they have to provide that ? Also as regards to my secured loan, I have a list of times when welcome have accessed my account for example : 04/04/2008 arrangement made 02/10/2008 check account 05/12/2008 outbound call is this satisfactory info, or should each e
  4. i was under the impression that an SAR would also provide screen shots etc, but I don't have anything like that. does any body know what exactly should be in the SAR ?
  5. just received back my sar from welcome. It includes the details from the secured loan, plus one personal loan not the any off the others. There is a letter in it that says that we have the advanced copy of the loan and the charge agreement to look over. There is no copy of the advanced agreement just this letter, but we have never seen it before. But then how would we prove we never got that ? The ppi is on both loans, so we can go after that because on all the loans we were sold we were told that it would have to be taken out in order for us to get the credit. On their loans fi
  6. your situation sounds a lot like mine. But i've been doing some digging with trading standards, and because we have signed on trade premises you aren't entitiled to the cooling off period, even if its a secured loan. You should however have had the contract to look over 7days prior to with no contact from welcome to influence you. Now i never had that as im sure you haven't. You can take them to court for that, but you have to prove that by having that contract 7days before, it would have changed the outcome of you taking the loan. Trading standards say that is a long shot, and could be v
  7. rung rang a few places today, spoke to consumer direct and national debtline. There is no cooling off period if signed on trade premises. However, we should have been given an advanced copy of the agreement 7 days prior, of which time welcome should not have any contact. Unless we request to them, that this period be made shorter. The problem is that this would not definatly make this agreement unenforcable. It would have to go to court and it would be up to the judge on the day. And although the agreement wasn't exceuted properly, if the judge didn't think this would change the outc
  8. waiting for my SAR but really wanting to get my complaint in with welcome, in case they go under first. but if i complain now and mention this before they have sent out my SAR, will i be giving them a heads up on what im up to ? They might doctor their records ?
  9. didn't have one of those, but why doesn't that surprise me !
  10. any news in the difference of cooling off on trade prems for a secured loan ?
  11. by a pre approval agreement, do you mean a copy of the credit agreement or a statement of price ?
  12. the only thing my loan says is that i should have been given a copy of the agreement 7days prior to. I wasn't, but surley that would be hard to prove ?
  13. been reading up o the OFT website, and it doesn't seem to look good for the cooling of period. It does say that if on trade premises then the cooling of period doesn't apply:confused: whether this is different for a secured loan i don't know
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