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  1. Hi dx100uk, thanks for responding. So is it normal to have two defaults listed for one account (the original creditor and the debt buyer)? I was hoping they could list just the debt buyer's version, with the original default date. The last payment was in February 2011. The letter I've seen has not been at all threatening, it doesn't offer a discount says lots of their customers are paying as little as £17 a month or so. It says no minimum payment required. I remember receiving a letter a couple of years back but other than that haven't had mu
  2. Hello, I'm writing about a Credit Card account, opened in the mid 90s and defaulted in 2011. The default shows up twice on Noodle and Equifax but not at all on Experian. One entry has HSBC as the creditor, the other entry has MKDP Llp as the creditor. The entries show the same amount but have different account numbers (the card's account number changed at some point). They also have different default dates. The first thing I would like to find out is how to get one of these entries removed, it looks as if there are 2 different accounts which is
  3. Hello, @c_a_s110: What did you do and what has been the outcome? I'm in exactly the same position (ok, different credit card) with Nelson Guest and Wescot for a smaller amount, it sounds like the same letter. I haven't been in touch with any of them (ever, it's been a really rough year and I've had my head buried in the sand) and the 10 days has now passed. The card is quite old, pre 2006. Is it worth going down the CCA route? If so, who should I send the letters to, the original bank or Nelson Guest/Wescot? Thanks for any help.
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