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  1. Thanks for that Ida, I will have a good read through that.
  2. Following on from the account in dispute letter I sent Link, have received a letter from them this morning saying they can't sort out my complaint but acknowledge receipt of it. Also that they will contact me within four weeks.
  3. Have received an enforcement notice under s76(1) CCA 74 from Lloyds this morning regarding my overdraft. It’s a pretty hefty one anyway but interest charges have sent it over by several hundred pounds. Not sure what to do now, should I SAR Lloyds or should I try to claim back charges on hardship basis? There’s absolutely no way I can pay more than the £1 token payments that I’ve been paying for the last year. Not sure if I’m in the right place with this but perhaps it could be moved to the right place? If I go down the reclaiming charges route, what charges am I able t
  4. Thanks Cerberus, you always come to my rescue. Will do that today
  5. ok, thanks for that. Good luck whatever you decide to do Judi
  6. did you send them an in dispute letter ska?
  7. Yours sounds very similar to mine. I did the same to Link, they said it'll take up to 30 days to get CCA from original lender. Would be interesting to see what this means. Should an in dispute letter be sent to them? Can anyone more knowledgeable advise please?
  8. After Lloyds being in default of CCA and my sending off the in dispute letter I have today received a debt notification from the lovely Westcot. Just wanted confirmation that this is the right letter to send? Thanks in advance. ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE Date: Dear Sir or Madam, Account number: XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX I am in receipt of your letter dated XXXXX This account is in dispute with **original creditor/DCA** and has been since DATE . Not only is this a breach of the Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 in line with the Office Of
  9. I wouldn't answer the door, just shout through it in case they try to push the door open. Lickthewall's right, you'll get lots of help on here. I'm really new and like you was scared of knock at the door but its surprising how quickly you get your confidence in handling these situations. Keep strong.
  10. don't answer the door ronron, FB is right they can't visit if you don't want them there. They also have no legal right of entry
  11. Sorry SP, have been looking for the letter but without luck. But I did happen across more template letters and it looks like the SAR I sent was incorrect (what a twit), so have sent the one that I found (by 42man) much more info requested on it than the previous one I sent and I signed it with crosses through. I’m sure that a signature done like that will be ok and ‘unliftable’.
  12. just realised that I sent the wrong SAR (don't ask me how!!!). So MBNA have actually done me a huuuuge favour in returning it . Have sent correct one today and signed with crosses through sig as per 42man's template instructions.
  13. I didn't either Joemay. But it does say in my default notice "that on or after the date shown, your account will be closed and the credit agreement terminated". Don't know if that would stand up in court as a termination or not. Perhaps its just another of MBNA's cock-ups
  14. Hi Stagparty, for some reason this keeps happening to me (hmm, think I need to read the dummies guide again). If you go to search at the top and type in MBNA debt bought by Link - don't know what to do - can anyone help please? It should bring it up for you. Not sure what to do about the SAR thing, I will keep looking for the letter cos I know I saw it here somewhere. If not, I’ll try and put something together along the lines of davey77’s advice. What are you going to do?
  15. hi there, this all sounds very familiar I received same letter from MBNA today. Can't help anymore than that I'm afraid as just starting out myself. Cheeky wotsits aren't they. my thread is here if you want a read.
  16. No probs WelshMam, we’re all in this together (besides am gonna have a read of yours later ). Hi Angel, I'd bet a penny to a pound they’ve messed up dates on yours too – whats your link I’d be interested to have a read of it. I know what you mean Joemay, I’m terrified (but determined as well). I had a good laugh at the doorstep collections link (hilarious), what a treat to have so many clever and entertaining people on here, we all need some lighthearted relief. Looks like I spoke too soon about the correspondence side of things as I came home to a letter from MBNA
  17. Quite agree, but from what I've been reading on here the problem with DOA is they won't let us have a copy (so we can't check date), apparently will have to force them to show it in court. I will sit tight too regards the in dispute letter - unless anyone else has any suggestions? Am loving CAG and all wonderful caggers, its very empowering getting to know your rights and having such brilliant support. I feel like I'm finally getting my life back - hardly any correspondence from dreaded DCAs/banks - aah, bliss. How are things with you Joemay? Did you send the letter to M
  18. From what I've read on here I think its from the last payment, but don't take my word for it as I'm pretty new to this myself. Someone more knowledgeable will be along soon to clarify.
  19. Hi MJ, it has to be sent to the Data Controller at Barclays, sorry can't help you with the address. Good luck.
  20. Yep, there's a lot of it about. MBNA's DN gave me til 23/3/09 to remedy breach but when I received NOA from Link they said they bought the debt on 20/3/09
  21. Quick update. Received letter from link today saying they don't have my agreement but have requested a copy from MBNA plus the most recent terms and conditions. They also say that this can take up to 30 days. Their 12 + 2 time is up on the 28th. Does anyone know if this means they will be in default if they go beyond that date, I know it would if they were the OC but does it seem unreasonable of me to expect DCA to have it, or get it sooner? They also say that they purchased my debt from MBNA on 20 March (so thats the second time they've mentioned that date, first time was in
  22. lets hope not what is your thread? am interested in following yours too
  23. thanks so much for your help, very much appreciated
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