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  1. ok, just to clarify I am going to send a letter to Link telling them they haven't fulfilled my CCA request and asking them to provide all the documentation mentioned in Angry Cat's post. For the letter to MBNA I will edit Shakey's letter saying they haven't fulfilled my SAR request and mentioning the mis-sold PPI. Am I right in thinking I should pursue MBNA for the mis-sold PPI and not Link?
  2. thanks for the link to Pompey faith's thread Joemay, I'll have to settle down to having a good read of it later.
  3. thank you so much for all your responses. Shakey, am just trying to put a couple of letters together now based on your draft (thanks for that), and also including Angry Cat's references too. I may have to come back for a bit of clarification on a few things later if thats ok. Have had another look at Link's response and I they have in fact supplied a copy of the CCA, but none of the docs referred to in it so I'll be sending them a letter about that as well. Yep Joemay, just my luck eh. Mind you as it was online application I knew they would Never mind.
  4. Hi all, MBNA have now responded to SAR and the CCA was in with that. Its an online application/agreement and is completely enforceable (going by steven4064’s guide), but they haven’t included any PPI papers. There is also a load of other stuff, most of which I can’t make head or tail of. MBNA haven’t included a copy of the default notice or termination notice in the SAR – should I write to them saying its incomplete? In one of the documents MBNA acknowledge having sold the debt to Link on 16 March (Link’s letter said date of sale was 20 March), bearing in mi
  5. thanks for your response Joemay. My sis does have the old docs but over the phone the new insurer said they won't accept them for some reason. She's decided to just send them off and see how it goes. I don't see any reason why they shouldn't accept them. In any case I would've thought the old insurer would have to disclose them under data protection but who knows. Hope you're well. I keep meaning to have a look at your thread, have been really really busy of late though.
  6. thanks for your responses folks. I sent a variation of that letter PGH as it was for an SAR. Just thought it would save time by adding a crossed signature too.
  7. brill, that was what I was hoping. Pathetic reason was because they haven't got an up to date signature on file.
  8. I received a reply to my SAR to Lloyds with a request for my signature. I've sent a copy back to them (crossed through) and was just wondering if they have to adhere to the 40 day limit from the date the original SAR was received, or from the date they receive my signature? Can anyone tell me please. Thanks.
  9. absolutely brill DD. Thank you very much for making that so much clearer, short, sweet and straight to the point - more impact than mine. Will be sending that off today. Will post back when reply received.
  10. they are just trying it on. After six years without any kind of acknowledgement on your part a debt becomes statute barred - tell them to take a running jump. Please try not to worry, they really do not have a leg to stand on.
  11. Thanks very much for your help here BB and DD. I have put together a bit of a letter including bits of the template, pt's and also some of Ida in Fife's letter from another thread and added a bit of my own. Not sure if I've got it right or not. Would you be able to have a read and advise if ok folks. Thanks in advance. Account in dispute Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for your response to my request under the Consumer Credit Act section 78. You state this is a true copy of the original agreement executed by yourselves and that you have satisfied your obligations under
  12. can anyone help please? My sis really doesn't want to have to lose her 9 years no claims discount just because the old insurers are being difficult. Thanks.
  13. hi everyone, a quick query please if anyone can help. My sister has recently had to go bankrupt, she included her old car insurance arrears in the petition and is now in the process of setting up a insurance with a new insurer. The trouble is the new insurers want proof of her nine years no claims discount. My sister has been in touch with her old insurer and they are refusing to supply any written details. The question is, am I right in thinking that under the Data Protection Act they are obliged to send any information they hold on her. Would be grateful for any help. Thanks in a
  14. Thanks for your responses. Yes DD, the print on the copies is so small its ridiculous. I just about managed to read the first page with the aid of a magnifying glass. I’ve typed the wording up below, nowhere does it mention credit card agreement, only credit agreement. Also under personal data and info it mentions this application in paras 3 and 4, is that significant do you think? The second page is unreadable, even with a magnifying glass, except for the first heading which again states credit agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. So I will be sending
  15. I'd be grateful if anyone could tell me if this CCA is enforceable? Has my details and signature on. Thanks. Lloyds CCA terms and conditions
  16. No probs, nice to get a response! The print is really really small and I can barely read the copy myself, let alone when its scanned! I could type it up though if that would help? Am desperate to know if its enforceable or not.
  17. But they have! I received a copy of the signed CCA, the link is in my post above if you'd like to have a look.
  18. Thanks for the response Babybear but I'm a little confused (doesn't take much!). I have received the CCA and wanted someone to have a quick look to see if its enforceable or not. In Lloyds letter, they say it is and won't be entering into any more correspondence with me. Just wondering why I should send s19 notice? Thanks again. Massamum
  19. Hi all, I know its been a while since I said I would post up the letter and CCA but finally gotten myself together and here they are. The copies aren't that great but I would be really grateful for any help at all please as to whether it is enforceable. It does have my handwritten details and signature on it. I thought it was a lot older than 1998 but I remember that I cleared the original card way back and then called them up and asked them to re-activate the account. Many thanks in advance. CCA terms and conditions page one letter page two letter appendix to letter
  20. I have today received a copy of a signed approval form from Lloyds. Am gutted as I didn’t think they’d still have a copy of it. It looks pretty good to me but I will try and post a copy of it up later along with letter received.
  21. hi Joemay, great to hear you've been left alone. Things have been quiet on the MBNA front with me too (if only I could say the same for the others). Like you say, time will tell, but I expect they'll come back when we least expect it.
  22. I'm pretty sure that after six years, and as long as you haven't acknowledged the debts in any way, they are statute barred and they can't collect on them. Only a relative newbie on here myself so can't be relied on 100% - hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge will be along soon to advise for sure.
  23. Thanks for that Underdog, no I haven't heard about it but will have a good read through the thread.
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