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  1. oh dear, there is a collections officer reading this!!! Not a dickie bird Joemay, only the info on the SAR. Thanks Cashins, I thought as much.
  2. Notes contained within MBNA SAR show that account was sold to Link - does anyone know if this count as termination? thanks.
  3. Just about to pop out and post letters, I’ll certainly sleep well tonight after this. Thank you so much for all your help. Have a good rest yourself tonight too
  4. That is a great relief, thank you so much. I will get a letter off to Lloyds today and await your responses for Apex and GPB. Luckily I keep copies of absolutely everything, I throw nothing away. Lloyds acknowledged the SAR asking for my sig by return, and then wrote thanking me for it! I also have an acknowledgement of the letter I sent warning them of the further 7 days so they have no excuse. Thanks very much once again.
  5. Thanks Martin. Lloyds is the OC. Apex is the DCA. Apex’s sols Geoffrey Parker Bourne have sent me a letter threatening court action within 7 days. The SAR was incomplete (huge amount missing). Thing is I’ve already written to Lloyds reminding them of outstanding SAR and giving them a further 7 days to comply or I will report them to IFO (I have all the paperwork ready to go this time). The debt is an overdraft that I want to claim charges on but I need SAR to calculate figures. I haven’t written to Lloyds about reclaiming/disputing overdraft figures yet as I am suspicious they m
  6. quick question if anyone can help please. think i may be clutching at straws but here goes - if SAR has been ignored by original creditor can this put the account into dispute in any way? dca/solicitors are threatening legal action on behalf of bank and i was hoping to send them a mishmash of the CCA template letter to sols telling them to get stuffed cheers in advance
  7. do as Mr Ton suggests. Then send off CCA to Sainsburys and see what comes back, you never know it might be unenforceable.
  8. what do they want payment for? is it credit card or loan? you're right, council tax definitely comes first.
  9. ok, thanks for that. I've sent the SAR reminder off giving them seven days to respond. Not sure what to do about sending the letter now, would it be best to send it off omitting the part about how much I'm reclaiming or should I wait til I get the statements back and fill out the full amount? If I wait, is there a holding letter I can send the solicitors to keep them off my back in the meantime (especially as the account isn't in dispute)?
  10. thanks fox. I don't know the exact amount, SAR'd them way back but haven't received anything on the current account to date. They've now passed to a DCA for collection/court threats etc, usual stuff. As if I don't know the exact amount then this letter is no good?
  11. Can anyone tell me if this is the correct letter to send when reclaiming bank charges? thanks.
  12. OK, thanks very much for all your replies. Lilly, that was a very useful read, would it be possible to let me know the case law this comes from please? No NOA from OC, only from Link (at post #15). MBNA sold the debt on before the date of remedy in the default notice and the DN is also dodgy (post #11). Thanks also AC, I requested a copy of the deed of assignment from Link ages ago but they are refusing point blank to let me have a copy. I have this morning received a response from Link to my letter requesting all of the documents referred to the in CCA, th
  13. am bumping this. Have received more threats from Link, demanding I pay up.
  14. Preuss, so sorry to hear of your difficulties. I had a similar situation with my jobseekers allowance a while back. I wrote to DWP advising them of my new bank details but they went ahead and paid my benefits into Lloyds, Lloyds swallowed it up in charges and I had nothing to live on. I wrote to the DWP and explained what had happened and especially that Lloyds was taking all my benefits in bank charges and pointing out that it was DWP's mistake as I'd already advised them to pay into different account and lo and behold a week or so later they re-issued me with the whole amount. Don'
  15. hi Joemay, thanks for your message. Still unsure what to do about this. Can't work out if its best to ignore Link and MBNA or keep sending them letters reminding them of their obligations (which fall on deaf ears). Could anyone please advise on what my best course of action would be? Thank you.
  16. hi Sunshine, sounds very similar to what happened to me. Interest rate hike, charging order etc and then informing me they were writing the debt off. Next thing I heard was from Link saying they'd bought the debt from MBNA. Don't want to worry you but perhaps its best to be prepared that they probably will sell the debt on.
  17. fantastic on both counts. Will keep you posted of the reply I get. Thanks ever so much, most appreciated.
  18. one other thing, there was a barcode at the top of each page which links the whole document together, I blanked it out as it would identify me. Does that make a difference to being within the four corners of the agreemnet?
  19. cheers for that vjohn - out of curiosity, what response did you get to it? Did it get them off your back?
  20. Hi Chris, what a nightmare for you. I don't know how to get them off your back permanently, I'm sure someone with more knowledge will come along soon to advise you. You have done all the right things so far, perhaps report them to the Information Commissioners Office for defaulting on the CCA request? It might be an idea to send Barclaycard a subject access request asking for copies of all statements as well.
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