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  1. Thanks very much for all of your comments folk, a lot of information to take in here. I would be very nervous defending any agreement in court unless I was 100% sure it was unenforceable (and even then I’d be very nervous). The agreement is signed on page 2 but it wasn’t bound, just stapled. If I’m completely honest I think I accepted a long time ago that the barcode (with the loan agreement number on) links the document. I was going to resume the £1pm payments to Lloyds but they have now written asking for the full amount immediately (termination?). I have no idea
  2. thanks Vint. The doc consists of six separate pages and doesn't refer to any other page numbers anywhere within the doc, but there is a barcode which has the agreement number on it which appears on each page. I'm getting seriously confused (my own fault as I have started threads all over the place instead of sticking to one and keep getting lost!), on another thread I posted (here) B3rty said the agreement is enforceable. Help!
  3. thanks for your response B3rty. Was clutching at straws, ho hum, enforceable it is.
  4. bump, anyone know know if this is right?
  5. I wonder if someone would be kind enough to take a quick look at my thread containing my Lloyds agreement here. It has been looked at by many and it seems that it is enforceable. However, I've just been reading through it and have spotted something. I'm not sure how important it is but the APR under "key financial information" is quoted as 6.40% but under "other financial information" the annual interest rate quoted is 6.26% - grateful if anyone could tell me if this would make any difference as to unenforceability. Thanks in advance.
  6. A very quick query on this please. I've been reading through the agreement again tonight and have spotted something. I'm not sure how important it is but perhaps someone could have a quick look for me (the link is in post #3 above). What I have noticed is that the APR under "key financial information" is quoted as 6.40% but under "other financial information" the annual interest rate quoted is 6.26% - can anyone tell me if this would make the agreement unenforceable? Many thanks.
  7. I love Stacey, she's absolutely brilliant! Equally Jamie Archer and Danyl.
  8. ok, thanks for that. I was hoping there might be another way around it but will do as you suggest.
  9. Thanks for that Silverfox, you’ve given me a lot of hope by what you’ve said. I was in the same place as you a year ago and sadly still there, but slowly getting round to dealing with things now, owe c.£50k and no way to pay so will battle on. Really nice to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Well done for getting yourself out of trouble. Ditto what you say, thanks to all CAGgers who’ve helped me too. Hope you had a good time away with your family.
  10. hi all, Wasn't sure if this was the right place to post this but it seemed a bit trivial to put in the main areas. I'm printing out stuff to read later (eyes hanging out head reading on screen all the time) but I'm using so much paper and ink cos all the ads etc print out as well, plus the print is really small . Has anyone managed to print threads out with just the main part showing? Would be really grateful if someone could pass on if they know how to do this. Thanks a lot.
  11. Thanks very much for your responses Abby and David. I did suspect that the agreement might be enforceable but was hoping desperately that it wasn’t. The loan was conditional on my taking out the PPI at the time, but I did make a claim which was successful so I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to attack. I’m certainly going to have to do a lot more reading by the looks of things, on both the PPI section (only just found that) and also on the £8k thread (thank you for the link). In the meantime, I’ll have to start paying the £1pm again. I’m going to be pret
  12. thanks for your reply Jan4a. I'll try and have a look round the stickies later, have only just come across the PPI section (have been wondering where to get the info I need for a while). The loan is a Lloyds one which I took out May 2006. I was told I had to have the PPI or wouldn't get the loan. The PPI paid out about 5 or 6 monthly payments. Default notice Oct 08. CCA'd them a long while ago and received copy of the agreement. Its on my other post here). Account not in dispute, still unsure about that. I've SAR'd Lloyds but still waiting to hear b
  13. thanks for that David. The pages are numbered 1 to 6 and there is a barcode on every page except the first one, was hoping that would be enough to render it unenforceable as not within the four corners etc but now I'm not so sure. I wonder if you or anyone else would be good enough to take a quick look at my CCA on here? I only had the one response and am only just getting round to doing a reply to lloyds but I'm not sure the letter provided by another cagger is right for me. thanks.
  14. regards the prescribed terms being within the four corners of agreement rule, would a bar code on each page link the document to make it one? thanks.
  15. I'm thinking of beginning a reclaim on loan ppi, can i still do that if the company have already paid out on a ppi claim? thanks.
  16. I've ignored mine, for months i tried to get them to accept the £1pm but they refused, as soon as the CCA request went in i magically got a letter accepting the £1 and received a paying in book. Not gonna happen now thats for sure.
  17. i had the same thing happen to me. It coincided with my sending them a CCA, don't know if its related to that or not.
  18. what goes round comes around, it'll catch up with each and every one of them one day i'm sure - they deserve whatever comes to them.
  19. Many thanks Martin, will send this off asap. Will update when receive responses.
  20. First of all please try not to worry (easier said than done I know). You are in the right place to get help. You did the right thing in refusing to give out your personal details to the lady on the phone. It is best not to speak to debt collection agencies over the phone as they will say horrible things (often untrue) and scare you half to death. Everything should be done in writing. A mob will not visit you at home to collect debts either. Nor can they take your goods. Bailiffs cannot visit your home until you have been to court and been given a county court judgment
  21. I can't remember exactly as it was a while ago but probably about five months or so to go til end of contract.
  22. have you spoken to 3? I had similar thing with Orange (quite a few years back now) and they changed me to their pay as you go without any penalties. May be worth a try. Good luck.
  23. Have you had a notice of assignment from Vil saying they've bought the debt or are they just collection on Amex's behalf? can you give a bit more background about what the debt is?
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