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  1. Don’t know if this is relevant or not as I’m not that “up” on these things but at the top of the t&c’s it says “These conditions are effective from 1 October 2002” but at the bottom is says “Lloyds TSB Bank plc registered office To 27 March 2003 – 71 Lombard Street From 28 March 2003 – 25 Gresham Street” Can they see into the future???
  2. thats good as I'm off to post office with them now will post back when/if I get a response. Cheers.
  3. have just seen the first line of your post - sorry I wasn't referring to the letter you wrote as being appropriate (I'm really grateful you took the time to do that for me), I meant the one I'd underlined as a hyperlink ("this") in my post above
  4. Yes you are absolutely right, its definitely the fear factor that they rely on. I think the DN is a bit naff on dates, the first page of cca looks ok but the t&c's are unreadable so I can't check, of course Lloyds won't send a legible copy and so it goes on. Part of me thinks 'for goodness sake just take me to court and get it over and done with'. But then I ask myself why haven't they done so so far, perhaps they know they're in the wrong. I will go ahead and send both letters and see what happens. Thanks DD.
  5. thanks very much for that DD, I will send that off today. I've had SAR back on this one (this is for the credit card) still waiting to hear about loan SAR though. I'm really worried about the solicitors and DCA threatening court proceedings, I put this account in dispute but Lloyds are ignoring that - should I send this to the sols do you think? Would that appropriate? Thanks once again.
  6. You could try a letter something like the one below. ACCOUNT REMAINS IN SERIOUS DISPUTE xxxxxxxxxxxxx 2009. Dear xxxxxxx, Re account no xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am in receipt of your letter date xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and note its contents. I note, that xxxxxxxx are still in breach of supplying the documentation that I have previously requested under s78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, in that xxxxxx have yet to supply a legible executed agreement. To date, all that you have supplied under this request, is an illegible copy of a reconstructed application form. As y
  7. Sorry I can't be of any help enforceability wise but your name, address and account numbers are all visible on here, best to remove. Good luck.
  8. have just PM'd you. The SAR was based on this from the templates library, surely that should cover everything? I think they are just stalling.
  9. Nope. They've mucked up again (am thinking its on purpose tbh). Blow it, I'm not going to give them another chance, I'm not going to bother writing to them again, this time I am going to report them to the IFO, I've had enough of their faffing around.
  10. You might feel more enlightened if you read the thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/show-post/post-2406581.html it's a long thread, and PT who works for a solicitor's firm is an expert on these forums has argued this point continuously in this thread (not without challenges). The most important article to read for this issue that PT has posted up elsewhere is page 1 http://i990.photobucket.com/albums/af28/Redfish_bucket/BSandALarticle1.jpg and page 2 http://i990.photobucket.com/albums/af28/Redfish_bucket/BSandALarticle2.jpg OMG, can't believe the size of this thread , wil
  11. have just finished looking through but can find absolutely nothing relating to the loan account (grrr). So annoying.
  12. Thanks very much Redfish, will have a good read through very soon.
  13. Thanks very much DD, all sounds good. No I didn't keep the envelope (that was back in the days before I discovered CAG). I have (finally) had my SAR back from them but no paperwork relating to the loan (what a surprise). I will be writing to them again shortly asking for this. I'll have a look at the comms log now - what am I supposed to be looking for? (I have about 30 years worth of stuff to sift through!!!)
  14. Thanks for that Redfish, sounds interesting - anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  15. default notice is below page 1 page 2 thanks.
  16. really? that'd be great. DN very nearly uploaded so will be on here for tomorrow. I won't be online til the afternoon as I have an appointment early part of the day. Thanks for all your help tonight Dick, most appreciated.
  17. Thanks. Sadly I'm not in a position to offer more than the £1 as I'm on benefits. The debt is increasing but only by a very small amount, I think as they are now demanding the full balance there isn't much point in restarting the £1. I agree it does look bad going down the PPI reclaim route but I really don't know what else I can do, the agreement's enforceable and I have no way of paying it until I can get back to work. DN on its way.
  18. Have pm'd you with this info DD, sent the message before I had a chance to say thanks very much for your help.
  19. Thanks DD, sadly I think you're right that a court would enforce it. I would like to reclaim the PPI but as I made a claim on it (and Lloyds paid out), I'm not sure where I would stand. I still have an awful lot of reading to do!!! I am seriously in arrears and have been since about July 08, they issued DN October 08, I'm very very surprised they haven't taken action sooner to be honest.
  20. Thanks VJ. Still have no idea what to do though!!!
  21. That is most reassuring DD, I would certainly like to take you up on that offer (or another CAG buddy if you're too far away), if I do have to go to court. Thank you.
  22. I will try and upload the letter now, but it can take ages on my comp. I would be very distressed as I have very little legal knowledge. I have nothing to lose from a stress point of view and but materially I have my house. Just off to try and upload the letter.
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