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  1. I've received a claim form for possession of my property. I've buried my head in the sand about this for over a week as I couldn't face up to it, I realise I have to acknowledge the claim now but I really have no idea of the best way to go about it and I don't want to fill it out in the wrong way and make things worse. There is a section on the form asking about my other debts - I have huge amount of debt but haven't acknowledged or paid anything to the creditors for a couple of years now. I don't know if its wrong to leave that part out or if I should put it in - help!!! Any help wou
  2. hi all, does anyone know if these muppets have a website? The only ones I've been able to find are for payment only and have no other info. Many thanks in advance
  3. ooo, I like the sound of total silence Thanks BB. My scanner is really really slow and will take forever for me to scan the piece of loo paper up - I could type it much faster - is that any help?
  4. thought that might be the case thanks for the response
  5. Thanks HS and crocdoc, I will send a letter off today – I’ve been searching round the new site but can’t find the template letters, could you pls direct me to where I can find them? Thanks Should I write to the solicitors as well as the DCA?
  6. I’ve received many letters from Credit Security over the last few months regarding a debt with Lloyds. Each one increasingly more threatening. One letter says if a payment proposal isn’t received by 13th Aug a claim would be prepared at XXXXXXXXXXXXX County Court. I ignored them all as I have more pressing concerns at the mo (house repo looming). Yesterday I received a letter from their solicitors giving formal notice that unless payment is received within 7 days a county court claim will be prepared at XXXXXX County Court. They then go on to list court and
  7. Only passing on what happened to me Surfs, I was told that if I didn’t pay then the amount would keep going up, perhaps I was misled but I’ve never had a problem getting my money back. But quite agree that councils are thieves.
  8. I got a parking fine a while ago even though I had clearly displayed my blue badge, I challenged the warden who advised me to pay the fine and then appeal against it. Reason for paying it straight away is that these fines can double if not paid within 14 days. So I paid the fine and appealed against it, attaching copies of the badge etc and my money was refunded. I really don't think you should ignore it.
  9. I’ve received similar letters from Credit Security too (including the pink one), same address etc. Each one increasingly more threatening. One letter says if a payment proposal isn’t received by 13th Aug a claim would be prepared at XXXXXXXXXXXX County Court. I ignored them all as I have more pressing concerns at the mo. Lo and behold, today I received a letter from their solicitors (talk about quick off the mark) giving formal notice that unless payment is received within 7 days a county court claim will be prepared at XXXXXXX CC. They then go on to list court and solicitors fees that I
  10. My experience. I was with NTL for years and then VM (both useless). Couldn't pay the bill, got cut off, their date for collection of box etc came and went. I held onto box, modem, router etc for about three years and finally gave it all away to someone on Freecycle. I agree with the other replies here, you do not have a contract with VM, I wouldn't imagine they can do anything if you got rid.
  11. Thanks for your support Craig and Animal Magic, I really appreciate it. I have told Abbey that I’m on benefits and the DWP also pay a small amount towards the mortgage so they are well aware of it. The house my mum and me shared was fully paid for but I took out a mortgage to pay for home improvements as the house was basically falling down around our ears (hence DWP only paying small proportion of mortgage and not all interest). At the time I took the mortgage on I was working full-time and couldn’t have seen what the future was to hold. My mum developed vascular dementia and I had to giv
  12. Thanks very much for your response crm, unfortunately the arrears are well over the £1k mark now and I’m just waiting to hear from their solicitors. Abbey have been very helpful, I explained that the house is on the market but they say there isn’t anything they can do and as there is no way I can pay the arrears (I’m on benefits) it will go to their sols. The house (and mortgage) was in joint names and passed straight to me (we were “joint tenants”) and I now own the property outright. There was no life assurance and no estate to speak of. The property market seems to have slowed righ
  13. I'm sorry to hear about your bereavement, I'm going through similar myself so know how hard it is, especially with everything else you have on the go too! I'm sure that if you call them and explain your circumstances they will help, a couple of weeks isn't going to hurt in the grand scheme of things and I can't imagine that they would stop your money if you've informed them what's happening (but ask them when you call). You are also allowed to request a home visit if you're unable to leave the house - think this applies more to physical disability though, but its worth a try. It may be wort
  14. The house has been on the market but no luck unfortunately. I've had three viewings only when the house first went on the market but ever since then no interest whatsoever. As my agency contract has now expired I want to go with another agency. I've rung my current estate agents only to be told that I need to put it in writing to them and that they require two weeks notice!!! My question is, as I have never received a copy of the contract that I signed with them and wasn't aware that I had to give two weeks notice is there any kind of law that I can call them on to get out of the two weeks
  15. excellent advice which I will follow. Many thanks 42man
  16. Thanks for the response 42man. I have today put the house on the market and praying for a quick sale. Next payment is due soon and just hope I can secure a sale before they start any proceedings. The charges are stacking up in the meantime. It sickens me to think they could take all the equity for what is, in comparison, a small mortgage. You say they may allow me to do this over a certain period - how long would that be do you think?
  17. I have a mortgage with the abbey. Until recently it was being paid by a relative. That person sadly passed away in April and I haven’t been able to keep up the payments as I’m on benefits. Have been making very small token payments and partial help from DSS, but it isn't anywhere near even the interest. Abbey say my three months will be up in July and its likely that repossession proceedings will begin then. There is a huge amount of equity in the property so I doubt they'll hang about. I don’t know what to do, any help/guidance would be really appreciated folks. Thanks.
  18. Massamum

    Egg and apex DCA

    Thanks for the quick response. They have provided the CCA but not the other docs mentioned in it, so I'll put the account in dispute on that basis? They don't have to produce an original in court if taken out online
  19. Massamum

    Egg and apex DCA

    Egg have reared their ugly heads on a debt. I haven't paid anything on it for well over a year now. They have sold it to Apex, who are now chasing me. I CCA’d Apex a while ago (using a copy of an old letter) but wonder if I’ve done the right thing – am I right in thinking that following the Manchester case that I shouldn’t have done that? I've been trying to read through dissecting the Manchester case thread but its taking me a long time. Please, any advice would be appreciated. Apex have sent back a copy of the CCA but as it was taken out online probably means its enforceable. However,
  20. I’m not too bad thanks Joemay, I’ve had a relatively quiet couple of months thank goodness - I doubt it’ll last though! The cretins just don’t care about the misery they cause do they, your poor hubby, it’s a good job he has you to fight for him. Reassuring to know that you can add their latest pile of poo to the ignore file anyway Keep your chin up and keep on fighting!
  21. Hi joemay, Not sure what they are getting at here either!!! If they haven't got an agreement I would say they haven't got a leg to stand on. But, as always someone will be along with an answer for you very soon. Hope hubby is better and that you’re looking after yourself too.
  22. has anyone noticed that the link from No 10 contains the words "experian-equifax" - does this mean these CRAs have something to do with the petition?
  23. Hi Sunflower and Jonny, I quite agree its a real shame nothing more substantial can be found. Not sure if this would be enough to cast doubt on enforceability though, it just struck me as a funny thing to put on something dated 2002! I wouldn't want to dispute something that isn't watertight either. Jonny, have you got the full Conditions booklet to check it contains all the clauses they are referring to? Can’t trust Lloyds that’s for sure. Fingers crossed for you Jonny.
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