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  1. Thanks newstarter, like I said above, you and Ell have helped me more than you will ever know, your support has been invaluable. I just want to fast-forward six months and have this horrible time behind me.
  2. Hi Ell, house has been on the market with two different estate agents since last June and I’ve had very little interest in that time, market is dead where I am. Interest and charges going forward would’ve made the whole debt so much bigger and after a long, hard think I realised it was time to walk away while I still can. You helped me more than you will know Ell (and Newstarter) and I can’t thank you enough for that.
  3. Hi newstarter, thanks very much for your reply. I really appreciate all your help but have decided to throw in the towel, I can’t take the stress anymore – ended up in hospital overnight last week with severe chest pains and have decided to sell to one of the quick home-buyer people. A huge loss but will just have to cut my losses and will hopefully break even with what I would’ve got if Abbey had sold (plus all their arrears and charges). Will now concentrate on finding somewhere to live, impossible when you’re on benefits so at least now I will have capital and can hopefully move on with m
  4. Just got home from hearing. In and out in about 5 mins. judge gave me a 56 possession order felt like no matter what I would've said, the decision had already been made.
  5. Its funny, I feel a lot less stressed now the paperwork is in and have resigned myself to whatever will be, will be (but fingers crossed its in my favour), thanks again for all your help.
  6. I did thank you Ell, all delivered and just waiting for the big day now - though not particularly looking forward to it.
  7. thanks Ell, I'll do that tomorrow.
  8. great, thanks very much for that, I just wanted to make sure I've got everything clear in my own head. You mentioned a budget sheet but I couldn't find it anywhere on your message.
  9. That is good news Ell. I will follow your instructions exactly, and will also ask about the free legal adviser, thank you so much for all your help, although thank you seems so inadequate for all you've done. Can I just double-check on a couple of things: Do I hand the printed N11M in as well as my pack? Question 22 asks if I have any other credit debts (I have plenty) – do I have to answer that? I haven’t acknowledged any of my other debts for a long time and don’t really want to start now. Are they likely to bring this up during the hearing? Santander would know a
  10. that is absolutely brilliant Ell, thank you so very very much.
  11. Thanks very much for that Ell. Yes please, I would very much like help with filling in the rest of the form if thats ok - I haven't got a clue!!!
  12. Hi Ell, The normal monthly payments are £493.93, the DWP pay £52 a month as the mortgage was for home improvements and debt consolidation (they used to pay £89pm until recent changes). I have all my correspondence from the DWP confirming all of this. I have also been making token monthly payments of £10 myself since about May-time. I have two different estate agents contracts, print-out from internet showing house for sale, local newspaper ad and an energy performance certificate which I had to pay for which I can photocopy. I keep all correspondence from the DWP and
  13. Thanks very much for getting back to me on this and for your help. It is a relief to know there is more time. I can think of a few things to ask the judge to consider - should I PM you?
  14. Hi Ell-enn, have received the other side's witness statement this morning which makes for interesting reading. The hearing is on the 18th Jan and with the bank holiday coming up and courts being closed Monday and Tuesday next week I'm getting a bit panicky about having to get the papers into court in time. Sorry to hassle you but was wondering what I should be doing now? Any help and advice most appreciated. Thank you.
  15. Sorry Newstarter, I've only just seen this - thanks very much for thought.
  16. Likewise Laura. It certainly does sound a complete nightmare but you sound a very strong person and I’m sure your sister would be so proud of you looking after her sons’ interests and working so hard to make things right for them. Lets hope you get a break in all of this soon so that you can grieve. Life can be very cruel indeed.
  17. Thanks Laura. So sorry to hear of your loss, I hope you’re successful with the two year payment holiday - being up-to-date with payments will put you in good stead I’m sure and it will lift a huge weight from your shoulders if granted. Its hard enough dealing with grief without the added worry of repo as well.
  18. Hi Laura, thanks for that but I checked that one out a few months ago. I spoke to someone at Abbey who told me I should've been offered a "stay" on payments because a party to the mortgage had passed away - unfortunately when they checked they said I would have to clear the arrears before they could do it, I have absolutely no money so wasn't an option either
  19. Thanks so much for that Newstarter, I hope you’re right about getting more time to sell. Such a relief to know I have help from you all.
  20. Thanks for merging my threads Scott. Also Newstarter for the advice and reassurance, I’ve spoken to CAB about the mortgage rescue scheme and various other options but I don’t qualify for any of them. Abbey started proceedings a little while ago but withdrew them when I produced proof that the house has been on the market for the last few months, they then gave me a further six weeks to sell – that time has now run out which is why they’ve started proceedings again. I just feel that because there’s no way I can maintain payments on the mortgage and the Abbey have given me extra time in which
  21. Hi Ell Thanks for your response and reassurance. The possession hearing is on 18 Jan, I received the paperwork on 18 December and I’m really starting to panic. I have also received the defence form. I’m a bit concerned about acknowledging the claim and wasn’t sure how to do that. I’ve been online but its just bamboozled me! There doesn’t seem to be a specific place to acknowledge the claim, I wasn’t sure if I would have to fill out the whole thing or if I could go back and do it now and again??? Thanks very much for taking the time out to respond to me so near Christmas.
  22. thanks for your response sillygirl, its most appreciated
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