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  1. Hi Dj1971, I think my question might have been a little unclear? The loan has always been over a term of 25 years (as at conception they said we could not have it over 15 due to income vs expenditure. This was because the PPI was going to be added and the cost of the loan went up considerably). So when I addressed the misselling of the PPI, I also advised that due to the PPI being added at the time of conception the term was set at 25yrs (when our request was for it to be over 15yrs (evidence of this was in out telephone conversations (received as part of a SAR request). This comp
  2. Hi DJ1971, Thanks for responding... no we didn't sign a new credit agreement. This is a term reduction on the existing loan. Hope that helps? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I have a question relating to Firstplus!!! Brief summary Claim for missold PPI upheld by the FOS. The initial loan request was for over a term of 15 years - however due to the missold PPI being added Firstplus said they had to extend the term to 25 years as expenditure vs income would not cover loan over 15 yrs etc... Anyway as part of my complaint to refund missold PPI I asked Firstplus to revert the term also back to the initial 15 year term - this they did! My question is this - surely where I was paying interest on a term of 25yrs, the interest should now be a
  4. Thank you Spamalot... I think I'll need it!
  5. Hi Slick - thanks for the advice - My intention IS to go through with the court action... I continue to pay the ridiculous amounts of interest and find myself owing more and more each month! they refuse to freeze or at least lower the interest so I have no choice. I want to see this alledged agreement once and for all and if it means court then so be it! Wish me luck x
  6. Hi Slick... thanks for your reply and great to have you on board!!! I shall have a good read of the thread you suggest and hopefully I will get a clearer understanding :0)
  7. Hi Slick & team, It's been a while but I now feel I have no choice but to take this further as to date (and after many fob off's) I still have not seen any CCA. So I now want to make a formal application to court - Can anyone advise me what I need to do - I have seen reference to N224 (do I need to do this???) Any help would be very much appreciated in anticipation
  8. Hi diddydicky & caro - thank you for taking the time to look at my post. I'm a little fuzzled as to what to do next... I'd like to see if this is enfoceable - I have had the card for many years, (and a few more) paid the balance off entirely on numerous occassions - but now find myself in a situation where I am struggling at present - The interest each month is barely touching the balance - where for a few hundred quid only £15 or so is being paid off of the balance. Over the years I have actually paid the balance back tenfold with the interest payments. At the moment all of t
  9. Thanks Liamgee - congratulations and good luck for the MOJ Licence... next step law school! I have read quite a few threads where some have actually gone to the court route without involving a solicitor, Like SMT37's thread... should I try this also or do you think a solicitor is the best option? Blomb
  10. Hi Liamgee. Thank you for your assistance - I have actually sent this letter (or similar)already (should I send it again?) - this has been going on since January now and as I said I have tried pretty much every avenue to no avail. Just wondered what would potentially happen now - will they continue to collect on the account? even though they say that ''they will not be seeking to enforce the agreement'' I really don't want to worry about defaults etc as I have a clean credit rating to date and of course worry about the future for mortgage etc... You say: Should they not produce at
  11. Hi All, Here is an odd one (I have not seen this before) - not sure what it means but I shall try to explain in brief. Sent CCA, SAR & CPR request to Halifax for Credit Card agreement... to date received nothing so finally after exhasting all avenues sent letter stating account in dispute. Today I received this: ----------------------- Thank you for your letter of ####### At the moment we are unable to provide a copy of the signed application form. However we can confirm our procedure has always been to obtain our customer’s signature to an agreement containing th
  12. Sent CCA off to BC yesterday - now for the waiting game 12+days. On another note - not happy - was supposed to be hearing from BOS yesterday re PPI but they have sent nothing! Eight weeks is now up!
  13. Once again Slick - thank you for your invaluable advice BTW - Am expecting an answer to a PPI issue tomorrow (Deadline of 'no later than 2nd June). It was for a loan some time ago (1999) I have a feeling they will say tough too old. Also Credit care added to a credit card for the last 10 years... fingers crossed it will be a positive response??
  14. Hi Slick, Another quickie - should I make any reference to my previous communications in my new request (CCA letter - Letter N) or should this be treated as a whole new request? Thanks again Blomb
  15. Crikey I really have messed this one up! So even though I have asked for my CCA in my Subject access request (which I did not receive) and again in the CPR request (which again I did not receive) the account is not in dispute?! eeeuuuwww.... messy! So next step is the CCA request with my £1 fee... Blimey - I really should have sought help before now! I will send the CCA request tomorrow! In the meantime I will make the payment as requested by BC... Stay with me Slick... need your support
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