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  1. Hi Im looking for some advice again please. I have moved house a couple of times since I last posted and have not informed HFC of an change of address although I have informed everyone else and ive updated my file on experian and joined the electoral role so im assuming that if HFC want to write to me they can easily find me. Anyway my ca is due for a change and ive just had credit refused. Im assuming this is because of the HFC default on my file from 2009 although everything else such as mortgage, credit card and car payments are all paid up to date. I am now thinking about offerin
  2. I have searched around this site again and ive found the below letter. Is this the one I need to send to get the default removed please. Dear Sirs. Ref: Account number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx It has come to my attention, that you have processed financial information about myself, to several credit referencing agencies. You will be aware that the Data Protection act 1998, an act of parliament, requires you to hold signed authority from myself to process such data, that does not fall within the public domain. Can you please supply me with a signed copy of my consent,
  3. I still havnt heard a thing from anyone regarding this account but I have just signed up for the trial with creditexpert and having just looked at my file I have a default showing as below. Is there a way of getting this removed or changed as I cant have this on my file as this can make me lose my job. I am grateful for any advice anyone can give. HFC BANK CREDIT CA... Credit card / S... Default £11,195 06/12/2009 Hide
  4. Divadog please do not think you are the only agent who gets on really well with their customers and doesnt overload them etc. I was an agent and im still in touch with lots of my old customers too and I have lots of friends who are agents who work the same way I did and do not just dish the money out left right and centre. It saddens me to see yet again people put agents into one group and assume they are all just money grabbing people taking advantage of everyone they can. It saddens me even more to read that an ex agents is saying this.
  5. Well I sent the letter to Restons and havnt heard a peep since from either Restons or HFC. I havnt even received a statement so I have no idea whats going on there. I do find it very odd as they have never missed sending a statement and letters asking me to pay but I have heard absolutely nothing.
  6. Thank you again so very much. I have printed the letter and will post it tomorrow. I would actually like to know what the settlement is so maybe after I lay this to rest with the solicitors I can request a full and final. I know I dont actually have to pay them anything but I do want this resolved and put to bed forever as I dont want it hanging over my head. Im not trying to avoid paying my debts but I will never get this paid off with them adding the interest they do month after month. They wouldnt help me when I asked them. Can I ask how you know so much about all this stuff. You are s
  7. Does anyone have any ideas on whether I should call the number as the letter states to get a settlement figure or should I be requesting this in writing. I would like to make my next move in the morning. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi again I have now received a letter from Restons Solicitors with regards to the above. I havnt got a scanner but ill reproduce it exactly as it is. Friday 09 October 2009 URGENT - FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION HFC Bank Ltd v Yourself, ref xxxxxxxxx Overdue Credit Card Balance £xxxxxxx We are instructed by HFC Bank Ltd to claim immediate payment from you of the balance outstanding on your Overdue Credit card, as detailed below:- DATE DESCRIPTION VALUE -------------------------------------------------------------- 09/10/20
  9. Thankyou. I cant scan anything as I dont have a working scanner but I can type it in exactly as it is. 2 OCTOBER 2009 Account Number xxxxxxxx DEFAULT SUM NOTICE This is a default sum notice given in compliance with the Consmer Credit Act 1974. A "default sum" is any charge we make, excluding interest, as a result of a breach of the credit agreement by you. This would include, for example, charges for paying late or for exceeding the credit limit. The amount and date of each default sum applied to your account is shown in the detailed tr
  10. Well the deadline is up tomorrow for them to respond to my letter above dated 9 sep and im not sure what I need to do next. Is there another letter I should be sending if I dont hear from them by 4pm tomorrow or do I just do what I said and file something with the county court. Ive had another statement and they have added on more interest and there is also a not on the statement saying the following. Since your account remains overdue despite previous requests for payment, your credit facility is now suspended, and your card must not be used. There has been another months inte
  11. I cant say I know any agents who work that kind of hours. You are lucky if they work 20hours per week As for collecting for more than one company then please report them as they are not allowed do to this unless of course they have a credit licence themselves and I would doubt that many have as it costs a fair whack to get one. Provident own Greenwoods and an agent from one company should never collect a payment for the other company even as a favour for another agent. It happens because niave agents are not aware they shouldnt do this and the managers just let them do it as to the
  12. Sillygirl I dont know what the working time directive says but I am assuming you think agents are working lots of hours per week. Is that correct? I dont agree that collectors should have their kids out late at night collecting either. Sometimes it cant be avoided with a lack of childcare or whatever and believe me an agent has no choice with very little or no support whatsoever from a manager.
  13. I already said I hadnt realised the debt was 6yrs old. I thought you meant they should be reported just for collecting. I agree everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I havnt said otherwise. Provident agents are regulated and work under the Providents licenses. Im not sure what the number of hours have got to do with anything and I dont know which ones dont get paid but provident agents do get paid a commission based on what they collect and not what they sell. Agents are self employed and there is nothing in the company manual to say they cant collect with children. An agent kno
  14. Sorry I hadnt realised it was a 6yr old debt. I have read all the Provident threads on here and dont see how the days of the doorstep collector are numbered. Provident is as busy as ever and whilst there are still people choosing to pay their rates they will still be here providing their service. I thought loan sharks were unregulated. Not sure why you would report a collected to the poilce or the taxman, perhaps you could explain that futher.
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