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  1. Now thinking this was a very 'silly' thread title LOL! Anyway, just bumping incase anyone passing through is able to help with any of the questions in post one please.
  2. Hi darknight, just spotted your update. Can't help with your query I'm afraid but hopefully someone might if I bump this up for you. Incidentally, someone has posted on my thread regarding the interest rate issue if it's any help to you. I hope you get on ok. I have a few concerns about the CCA myself!
  3. Pelham, thank you ever so much for taking the time to check this for me. R.E: Actual interest applied. Interestingly, Darknight posted in his thread the historical T&C's that they had sent him. They state this would be charged at a rate of 1.85% per month. I shall perhaps do a SAR which might just throw up some statements from that far back? However, I am currently awaiting a better copy of the CCA and I have also asked for a copy of the 'overleaf' and historical T&C's. I do have other concerns with it and have created another thread asking several questions which would he
  4. Hi pelham, Must have just missed you on Thursday and I couldn't get on yesterday. I would be very grateful if you could check the APR / Interest rate figures on this CCA please. http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq126/darknight_man/Halifax%20CCA/scan0001.jpg Thank you very much for looking in.
  5. It's a poster named pelham. They have been advising Shelbelle on the issue.
  6. They have not yet acknowledged my letter asking for a better copy and also the historic T & C's which according to the form should be overleaf. I've a feeling they have or might be in the pocess of selling it as this is what they 'threatened' should I not take up their offer.
  7. Thanks again didydicky, I have already asked a very knowledgeable poster on another thread so I'm hoping they might help.
  8. Hi didydicky, yes I agree. On first glance I too considered enforceable. However, looking closely at it raised concerns hence my 'silly questions' and I also wondered why they would offer 40% off within a few days of me receiving it if it was so enforceable.
  9. Hi again Patma, mine is identical to the one I posted. I was unable to post mine due to scanner not working and found the one I posted whilst searching. It's much clearer than mine as I am awaiting a more legible copy.
  10. Patma, thank you ever so much for replying. The cca posted in my thread is not my cca. It's hard to tell if there might be any fold marks in Darknights (the cagger whose cca it is) due to them having scanned it in two halves. They also do not have the 'shaded areas' but the Halifax logo is shaded like mine and they also have a Visa logo too which is still shaded. The 'not approved' message on mine appears in the for 'Visa use only' section. Don't know if it would count for anything but thought I'd mention it amongst that lot above just incase. Thanks anyway for trying to help. I appr
  11. Hi pelham, this is being very cheeky but if you have any spare time in the not too distant future would it be at all possible for you to look at my thread please? I've been trying to get some clarification on the apr/interest figures without success. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/204972-halifax-cca.html Shelbelle, I am so sorry to intrude on your thread and wish you good luck.
  12. Polite bump just incase anyone can help.
  13. Hi joemay, This is the link to my thread....http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/204972-halifax-cca.html
  14. Hi everyone, whilst waiting for a better copy of my cca I have a few niggling (probably very silly) questions. I wonder if anyone popping in can answer any for me please. 1) On my app. form it states do not complete shaded areas. Is there a simple explanation as to why I can't see any shaded areas? In other words...given that I think this is a microfiche copy (from 1992), are they able to do something technical to make the shaded areas unshaded? If so, why would the banks logo still remain shaded? 2) I know this was a postal application. Is there a simple explanation as to why I can
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