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  1. Just an update, i have applied to have the VRM changed due to this, i'll keep you all posted. I've just been reading the comments and there is some pretty interesting stuff. Particularly the one about the 3m RV in a council multi storey!!!
  2. Thank you all for your help, advice and support. I'll consider having the number plate changed.
  3. Thank you Jamberson. I'll wait to see if anything happens. Hopefully it wont, but i'll take your advice if needed. I'll post any follow ups on here.
  4. My partner and I spent the day out yesterday with the kids, walking by the river, feeding ducks, you know, general day off kind of stuff. We had been to a couple of places and had spent around 4 hours out, got back to the car for the second time (After switching locations etc) and i was about to put the pushchair in the boot and noticed the back number plate had gone, i looked around the front and the front one had gone too. So of course i rang the Police, obtained an incident number and crime number, despite the fact that nobody came to see us, and that was that. (I explained the wh
  5. It seems to be all sorted now, i rang them up again this morning and after about half an hour on the phone, the bloke from enquiries emailed the BDC and asked them to issue a girocheque tomorrow morning. The processing contacted me at about 4:15 and he says it should all be processed and stupidly told me i have 90% chance of recieving a phone call tomorrow and a giro will be issued. Still, there is 10% chance i wont get this, i will update tomorrow evening. Thanks for all the help and advice.
  6. Thanks for the reply there, i didn't and wouldn't have taken any reply in the wrong way, so long as it was advisory. I will go into the JobCentre on Monday, with my partner and her ID, i will ask a member of staff to fax this through (And tell them exactly what department, my JobCentre is over a county border so as far as i know, if sent, it went to one BDC rather than the other one.) I really do hope it is sorted out in time, i gave them my partner's ID when i went for the initial appointment back in November, i will take into account what you say about the money and bills mounting up (W
  7. Just made that note, also made one to Yahoo. It wont stop these people though. There ought to be a system whereby people posting adverts for goods wanted on these websites cannot be contacted by Nigerians. Like the website coming up "This content is blocked for users from your country." Surely this can be done somehow, because when i try to watch videos on YouTube sometimes, it comes up with something similar to that (But that's because of Copyright) Ahh well, technology is only as good as it is, i am sure in a couple of years time something will come up.
  8. Conversation with Bristow And Sutor this afternoon (After council took my debt back, they called me) BS: Hello, could i speak to Mr XXX Me: Who's speaking? BS: I'm calling from Bristow Sutor Me: Ohh you lot, what do you want? BS: We have been informed by Amber Valley Council that they have taken your council tax debt back Me: Yes...(Pause)...And? BS: There is an outstanding debt to us of £84. Me: And...? (Pause) BS: You are required to pay back this amount...(Pause) By law. Me: Am I? BS: Yes, how will you be paying the money? Me: Erm...(Pause) I won't be. BS: I w
  9. I haven't had it, but my partner has had it (We have a baby and they offered it her and not me, well if i get it, baby gets it anyway, infuriated really, an offer would be nice) Sorry this didn't help but it also bumped your thread.
  10. Did this a few days ago. Also got a couple of friends to sign and then checked they had, they did
  11. I started a new claim for JSA on 20th November, they said it will all be set up within two weeks (10-14 days they said). It has now been four weeks, i have signed on aswell. My problem is, i have no money for the kids presents this year, i hate having to rely on the state, and if given a choice, i wouldn't. They infuriate me. Well they needed my partners ID, so i took it into the JobCentre and they apparently faxed it to the department (Well it must've gone to the wrong department, because they haven't recieved this yet.) I have been on the phone to them every day this week and twice
  12. The JobCentre Customer Service bloke trying to kick me out at 2 minutes to five whilst i was on the phone to benefit enquiries. It is not my fault that i lost my job recently, it is not my fault i started this claim on 20th November and it is still not set up, it is not my fault the JobCentre staff messed me around, it is not my fault i will now not have any money to buy my two kids presents this Christmas, it is not my fault at all. And all that idiot could think about was get out on time. When i used to work in a shop, we couldn't just ask people to leave, we had to wait around for the strad
  13. Thanks. Search has taken a while now, nothing of interest anywhere.
  14. Thank you Nintendo Pu, you answered that question for me, the companies will have the responsibility of chasing the debt. I can see where people are coming from in saying they don't agree with this, but that's the point, there's alot we all don't agree with, and what i don't agree with here is the fact that people who cannot pay debt, are passed onto debt collectors and bailiffs who extort alot of money out of them. I would say that there are more people right now who can't pay rather than wont pay, and why fling everybody into one very large boat and make dirty money from them, peop
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