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  1. Situation: There are seven of us (inc manager & assist manager) at work, we have always taken it in turns to clean toilets & canteen (excluding manager & assist manager) because the company do not employ cleaners, we have never objected to this. However, the manager recently said we must now fill out and sign a form to say we have cleaned canteen & toilets and lists several areas in detail ie windows cleaned, tables wiped down, floors mopped etc, we then have to take said form to managers office and hand it to him. We are not cleaners we do the cleaning through goodwill because
  2. So can an employee be forced to work a bank holiday?
  3. I currently work ten hour shifts, 07.00 to 17.00. I've worked these hours for the same employer for about seven years. Today (Friday 3 Apr) I was told (vebally, nothing in writing) that my hours from Monday 6 April will be 09.00 to 19.00. I'm not happy about this at all. My employer refuses to discuss the matter, as far as the company is concerened there is nothing to discuss, I simply have to shut up and get on with it. Is there anything I can do? do I have any right to refuse the new hours? Thanks in anticipation.
  4. I don't understand why people seem so willing to advertise their personal details on the internet. I have friends who think I'm quite strange because I refuse to use facebook, twitter, friends reunited etc. If you are trying to find someone these are the first places to look, unfortunately it's not just people who are looking for a long lost friend who use these sites. The police have said they routinely search such sites for information and it would be naive to think other agencies don't do the same.
  5. I'm not really looking for advice on this one, I just thought I'd share this story with you. A few months ago the central locking on my Vectra packed up, I took the car to my local Vauxhall dealer who assured me a new key was required at a cost of £150. The key was ordered and I was prepared to pay for it there and then but (fortunately) I was told to pay on collection. The following week I returned to collect the key but the central locking still didn't work. The mechanic had a fiddle about with the car and told me "the module had gone" which would cost another £150 to replace! I said th
  6. Rant away sir, I have no doubt myopic politically correct left wing naysayers with "Titanic" mentalities would be "offended" (the word of our epoch) by your coments. I am equally sure the same miscreants would consider a "none ethnic" job fair as racist. The country has gone to the dogs, what are we to do.
  7. Employees who wish to work more than 48 hours per week should imo be allowed to do so if it is their choice, but how do we protect against bad employers who force/pressure employees to work long hours against their will? 48 hours is not just a number eurocrats have pulled out of a hat, research has shown that people who work more than 48 hours per week are more likely to suffer from stress, heart related ill health and divorce. I would question your assertion that "a lot of people enjoy working overtime" I would have thought overtime was worked through necessity rather than enjoyme
  8. Don't hold your breath. The EU has said the UK should "phase out" the WTD "opt out" clause by 2012. What's the betting the government/CBI will get the "opt out" extended after that date...I'd put money on it.
  9. You should have a copy of your terms & conditions, is overtime mentioned? I once had a job where my T&C stated that a "reasonable" amount of overtime was expected! What was considered a reasonable amount was something of a grey area...
  10. The working time directive is a waste of space. It was introduced in 1998 yet millions of people still work more than 48 hours per week. The (UK) government is the only government in Europe which has allowed employers to take advantage of the "opt out" clause, effectively rendering the WTD useless in the UK. I know from bitter experience that some employers pressure employees to sign the opt out.
  11. Quote... ...your employer pays you what they think is fair... Wrong, most employers will pay you what they think they can get away with. Unfairness in matters regarding salary often goes unnoticed because a lot of companies encourage an atmosphere of secrecy when it comes to pay, this makes it easy for bad employers to have "favorites".
  12. Silverbird, keep an acurate (and discreet) written record of events. Log everything, coments, incidents, times, dates, names, the lot. You may or may not need it in the future but if you do end up in court/tribunal it will be invaluable.
  13. I was in a similar position three years ago. I was initially pleased to be promoted but then discovered that even with the pay rise I was still paid less than the chap who I took over from. I stewed over this for a few weeks then decided to write a polite letter to my line manager stating my case that I thought I should be paid the same as the previous occupant of the job. It paid off, I only had to wait two months and my pay was increased. However, the company could have refused and there's not a fat lot I could have done. I think it paid not to get angry about it, put your case in writing. B
  14. I quit ten years ago after smoking 20+ a day for more than 23 years. I'm not suggesting it was easy, but far from impossible. The real hard cravings subsided after about two weeks but I was still tempted after several months, you have to want to quit. One of the reasons I was determined was because people around me said I could never do it. I can't imagine pulling on a cigarette now, the thought makes me shudder.
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