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  1. Npower might have an issue with the shop that sells you your card. They just tried to pass a debt like that to us, saying the shop owed them money, so technically we still owe them, nonsense of course. I think they have a poor admin dept.
  2. http://www.leeds.gov.uk/files/2007/week16/inter__fa6c992d-8272-40eb-97e8-7e67122bb02e_19752584-5d56-4e19-8cab-7dbf273e8890.pdf. You might find some info here that could help.
  3. http://www.leeds.gov.uk/files/2007/week16/inter__fa6c992d-8272-40eb-97e8-7e67122bb02e_19752584-5d56-4e19-8cab-7dbf273e8890.pdf. This one might work.
  4. This might be useful for you and others here:
  5. I`m looking for a good letter/template to object to yet more street parking proposals by our local authority, as the main reason for the proposals appears to be solely to increase parking revenue from fines. At the moment the streets concerned, (all period properties with much character) have no parking problems, and are uncluttered by yellow lines, marked bays and needless signs and regulations. I would be grateful if anyone has any ideas.
  6. I would go for the £125 fee also, they don`t have to pay someone to collect the card just to close the account, all they needed to do is send you a letter asking you to return or destroy the card. I would bet they`ve added their cut to that £125 anyway.
  7. I agree, go for it all, it`s your money. You wouldn`t write out a cheque for £500 and give it to the bank, would you ?
  8. BT wouldn`t isolate the charges, they would claim you still owed them as part of your bill.
  9. If you are dealing with Cobblers, then you`ll get a cheque, sent by snail mail.
  10. 02 Oct 2006 - 32.89 01 Nov 2006 - 32.87 01 Dec 2006 - 32.87 01 Jan 2007 - 32.87
  11. Nobody told me, that`s what happened at the start of the year.
  12. Here`s a good one, you opt to pay your tv licence quarterly, and they take four payments, each at the end of consecutive months. Quarterly..?
  13. Can the late payment charge be challenged. BT want £7.50 if you don`t pay within ten days of the bill, that seems a bit of a tight deadline if your post is delayed or you are on holiday for instance.
  14. If you can`t afford to pay the o/d back, then you must be quite hard up, so go after your charges, if you don`t you`ll keep getting hit with more and your o/d will keep growing. They will ask for your o/d to be repaid, they did with me. Get your first letter off to them as soon as possible (read the FAQs to find it.) Then tell them you are disputing the account (they can`t close an account in dispute) and you will attend to the overdraft as soon as the dispute is resolved. After you have your charges back, offer them around £50 a month or what you can afford. They`ll pr
  15. I would contest it if I were you, these companies need to be told what customer service is. Why should charges be passed on to customers all the time. It`s like BTs latest [problem], pay up in ten days or we`ll charge you an extra £7.50. So you get the bill when your on holiday, you pay an extra £7.50 or you get the bill a few days later than the date on the bill, so you suddenly don`t have 10 days to pay up, you have 6 days. A proper company would send out a reminder after 30 days and be a bit more grateful to their customers. Sorry to rant.
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