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  1. I've got an old CCJ that was settled last year for £247 and I've just paid off a default for £290 that I understand will be appear on my report as settled within the next 28 days. Apart from that i've no outstanding debt how buggered is my credit? If I wanted to get a mortgage etc?
  2. Quick update. I've heard nothing back from Moorcroft or Rockwell and its been ages what do I do now? Also the advice for my brother seemed to work apart from that Aktiv Kapital have instructed a Solicitiors called Buchanan Clark and Wells to write to him. He's going to scan the letter and send it to me but he's a bit busy looking after his 3 year old and his pregnant wife whos due in a month. However theres been no copy of the credit agreement or anything like that. Thanks
  3. Should I get in touch with Rockwell and have a go at them? Or report them?
  4. So basically am I right in saying that Rockwell couldnt enforce it so have probably sold it to Moorcroft?
  5. Some more advice needed plz. As I said earlier in the thread I recieved a letter from Rockwell debt collection agency saying that they couldnt provide the documents requested in the letter and that my file has been closed and returned the £1.00 postal order which was sent on the 9th of February. Today I recieved a letter from another company called Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited after the same debt. What should I do?
  6. So, in the case of my brothers account should I get him to write back referring to the previous letter asking where the CCA is?
  7. He was living somewhere else. However they want proof of where he was living and I dont think he's got any paper work from 2004 anymore.
  8. I've recieved a letter last friday saying that they couldnt locate the documents and returned my postal order and saying they have closed their file. I've sent the same letter off for my brother as he had two similar letters and he's recieved one asking for comfimation of address on one account and offering 50 and 25 off on the others if settled right away. Any advice?
  9. ok. so what if they find one in two years time?
  10. No there wasnt a problem with the DD. So basically they either comply in the time limit and I get a statement of whats gone on with the account and then I can talk about an arrangement/settling the account or they dont send me the proof and what next?
  11. No. Didnt have any trouble. So how long after the 14 days do they have to bother to send me the documents?
  12. Sorted out the Direct Debit. And I am sending out a letter n from the templates tomorrow morning by recorded delivery with a postal order. However I was just wondering what do I do next? What happens if they dont reply in 12+2 days? Also is that business days or normal days? As the credit companys seem to count weekends when they want something.
  13. The guy at the bank said if I have an agreement there is nothing they can do to stop the company setting up another direct debit after I cancel it. What do I need to do to send off for the agreement? Is there a template letter for that?
  14. Hi, This is my first post on here. A while back I was made redundant while I had an outstanding debt on an Argos Card. I was aware that in the event of losing your job the best thing to do is to tell the company you owe money to and to come to an agreement. I told the argos lot this and i've been paying £10 per month. However i've recieved a letter from Rockwell saying that that my agreement with them has expired and to avoid them taking action please call their pre-legal dept. So I cancelled the direct debit that came out monthly and endeavoured to find the money they requested
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