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  1. i`ve worked for him since november 08. off and on over several years.
  2. just a quick update, last thursday we decided not to turn in to work until we received a cheque. on friday we were informed , by a workmate , we were no longer required and if he didn`t turn up on monday then he would also have no job as he had broke his contract!!! now i`m seriously ****ed at this firm , as not only did the boss not ring or inform me but his foreman told this workmate and in turn he told me. so no one has informed me of anything and i haven`t had a penny in payment and he now owes in total £6300 before tax. he won`t answer his phone and neither will his foreman.
  3. thanks, but what about if he goes bankrupt? will i or can i get any money out of him then? does him being a limited company mean i can`t sue him personnally through a small claims court? i have spoken to him this morning and has promisd to send a cheque for £2000 tonight, but can`t bank it until he gets his money from the firm he`s working for..... like a say he is not the most on time of payers .
  4. hi, don`t know if this is in the right section section or not , but here goes: i work , as a sub-contractor , for a limited company. i`ve worked for him on and off over the last 10 years. he has always been a slow payer. he pays really well which is the reason i`ve always gone back. now, since i started back with him in november i`ve only got 3 weeks money from him. i know he`s in a tight spot, its the same for his other employees as well. he now owes me £4600 after tax. if he goes bankrupt have i got a chance of getting any of my money from him? i know you`ll be thinking "why let it ge
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