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  1. Can I just contest on grounds of wrong address/no knowledge?
  2. The debt was due to be statute barred next month. It is an old MBNA debt that has been through various debt agencies. I have only ever been provided with a copy of an application form.
  3. Bryan Carter have issued a CCJ against me after my alleged debt was purchased by Fredrickson from Lowell. Lowell have my correct address and email address and I have confirmation that they updated their records with these. However Bryan Carter used my old address to serve CCJ papers and I knew nothing until it appeared this month on my credit report. Bryan Carter have confirmed they had both addresses but had my OLD address as the new one and my current address as the former one. Can someone kindly advise how I get the CCJ set aside.
  4. http://s843.photobucket.com/user/oneahead1/media/mbna003_zpsb9d55224.jpg.html
  5. I have a 13 year old loan with MBNA, last payment 4 years ago. Been around quite a few DCA's. Have been offered all kinds of deals like pay 50% etc...No longer on credit report. My question is....why are they all shying away from legal action. I have done a SAR and requested CCA and to be honest cannot find anything wrong. I always reply stating account is in dispute and cca not valid. They reply and threaten and never do anything.
  6. I honestly do not remember, would that make a difference?
  7. I have an outstanding debt that is no longer on my credit reports. It is a MBNA loan being chased by 1st Credit. Last payment approx 4 years ago. Loan taken out 13 years ago. Why would it disappear from my reports?
  8. I have now been contacted by the Lewis Group over 2 Co-Op credit card debts. These must be about the fifth group of debt collectors to try their luck. I have successfully got rid of all the others and will use the same letters/procedures as before. My question is this - how long and how many companies will the Co-Op use, are they likely to give up or will it pass around forever and a day!! Also, are there any specific letter templates out there that i can use in these circumstances?
  9. Best ignore my extra lieu day comment, it is a day granted each year for Christmas shopping and is classed as a days extra holiday. That leaves 8 double time Bank Holidays (if worked). If my contract states that i get double time for a Bank Holiday how can they only pay single time on the Tuesday Bank Holiday??
  10. My contract states that i receive double time for bank holidays. The Bank Holidays are stated in the contract by name, Christmas Day, Boxing day etc...there are 8 in total plus an additional lieu day that is granted. The operation is 24 hours, 6 days a week, with the operation closed on a Saturday night (I am a permanent night shift worker). The day staff operate on a 7 day rota. I am rostered to work the night of 26th Dec and 27th Dec. My understanding is that i am entitled to double pay from 00.00 hours on each shift due to the Monday and Tuesday being the Bank Holidays this year. My employer is telling us that we are only entitled to one shift at double time and is asking us to vote on whether we want the Monday or Tuesday. It all smells a bit fishy to me, is there anyone who can advise me if they are within their rights??
  11. Would it not be better to reply and ask for further proof than ignore?
  12. I have received a £50 notice for overstaying a 90 minute limit by 45 minutes. They have sent photographic evidence. My visit included 2 seperate purchases at the store at different times. Do i write and explain or follow the template letters on here and ask for proof of driver at the time. Any help greatly appreciated.
  13. I was given a date by which to pay the first installment on the original judgement but because this is impossible to pay (hence my redetermination hearing) no payment was made. Can they now apply for a charging order even though i have appealed?
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