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  1. BTW, there is no red dial. I have been fighting with the power company online for the past couple of hours because I sent them this photo I took of my meter and they keep insisting it is 7902. They keep charging estimated charges for the past year. Last month's estimated meter read 6907 according to them. My regular usage is about 330kW per month. The meter was "upgraded" like 5 years ago. It says it is a Type IMT-3A DCSCI Single Stator Watt Hour Meter 60Hz KH7.2 240V When they upgraded I thought we were getting the new digital meters that some commercial buldings
  2. I was thinking it was 6902, because the second dial has not passed 0 yet. Please correct me.
  3. Can someone please confirm what is the meter read on this pic? Thanks.
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