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  1. its a fair point esp as it is 40 days not working!:lol: SAR is in post wait so i'll sit and wait. what happens if i dont receive agreement or some form of default notice?
  2. quite simply, can an account be re-defaulted if not done so in correct manner 1st time around, if debt is not cleared?
  3. so can a account be re-defaulted if not done so in correct manner 1st time around if debt is not clear?
  4. following the 40 days if not reply is it a question of writing to the CRA's to get removed? Also what happens if they come up with a signed agreement after 40 days? Is it 40 working days? Infact can you take a punt with the CRA's by writing to them saying Orange have no signed sevice agreement etc? without asking for SAR? thks
  5. its not a snotty attitude, its the rules of the forum. Your response, although being to do with Orange as well, is about 'can they chase you for money' in a contract dependent, on the service agreement being signed. My problem is with a default on my credit file. I'm not being arsey, just trying to resolve my problem as quickly as possible, with the kind help of people on this website, thats all.
  6. can you start your own thread please. I was asking a question and hoping for an answer or advice! Not your own problem?!
  7. Hi, Any advice would be muchly appreciated on this one. Orange defaulted my account on 10/12/2005. I paid the outstanding within in a day of it being passed to a DCA. Def never go a default notice. I wrote to Orange asking for my Credit Agreement etc under s.77&s.78. Included £1 postal order also. As I would like this default gone! Their response is that Orange agreements are 'service agreements' not credit agreements. Therefore they are not governed by the CCA '74? So - I would not get a default notice would I? What should I do next. Orange have enclosed a Subj
  8. regarding a Subject Access Request, if they send two default notices to me following this where the hell would I stand as I really did not recieve them!? Would it be a question of going to the Informationers Comm, show them the letter I have from NW stating all letters phoactne cont will be sent/to be sent from or to Moorcroft? Therefore asking for default to be removed? Also if following a Subject Access Request no defaults notices are sent -and so NW should remove a or both default(s) - can NW re- default it? - Esp considering the debt will not be clear until DEc 2011.? Also can
  9. Hi guys, I'm after a little advice. I have two Natwest Accounts. Both Have now been defaulted. The Accounts where passed to Moorcroft Debt Recov. in Dec 2006. (A great Xmas present!) Only one of the accounts was passed to the CRA's as defaulted at this point. - On 02/12/2006. The other account was never registered on CRA's. I opened this account out in 2001/2002 ish.) I claimed about 2k charges back from Natwest (Hurragh!!!) on these accounts in November 2007 (whilst accounts with Moorcroft - as they still are) BUT recently got a copy of my CRA file and just
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