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  1. I just spent well over an hour writing a response on an applet that was open from this morning that I refreshed a couple hours ago I think, naturally it had logged me out. I hit back page to see if I could still rescue it no joy went forward to see if it would post, logged in no joy……


    This is going to be a long response, and being dyslexic struggling with reading and writing, recently learning to use a tool which is both expensive and challenging to learn to use. And just in the process of training a new profile because of my 3rd Mike(finally found one that is adequate and works), it is both a long and stressful process. But one that is worth learning, I've spent a lot of time running small businesses both others and my own over the years.


    When I moved from Israel back to the UK I was broke homeless and just about penniless. I literally had £50 in my pocket of which I accidentally lost £20 by means of a calling card in a phone. That had been by no means the 1st time I had been homeless nor the last. I found myself with no passport no luggage no way of proving who I was. I made it to a back Packers where I got black-market work. That allowed me to get my **** together in a relatively short time. Get back to the UK in live in pub job, where I was offered junior trainee management within 6 weeks of being and within a 3 months of my start date I was on.


    I have managed high-end cocktail bars on the high street in Kensington starting at the bottom of the Kings Road.


    When I have had either the finances or the people that allow me to delegate responsibility things have been rather easy. Dictation is a rather easy process as well as adding style. But when you no longer have the money to pay the people to work or have a job position where you can just delegate the job you struggle.


    Finding people on a voluntary basis is very rare and hard to find especially those with a combined knowledge which is why I come here. And I really truly am grateful for all the help I receive here. From each and every respondent I truly do think you.


    In my true disadvantage is not just not being able to communicate my problem. But also really struggling with the reading means I find it even harder to find how to help myself……


    These are all new skills that I am learning when most my communication to date has been very sharp and short.


    Thank you very much for reading this I hope you have a very good night.


    I will post the for more detailed response hopefully by tomorrow afternoon. As this is a very complex issue.

  2. My complaint has everything to do with the equality act,

    as stated I longer care about the money I never want the delivery agents at my door again

    nor do I ever want to deal with Amazon again.



    Because I have problems with reading and writing and asking three separate customer service agents

    to either make a complaint on my behalf or pass me on to supervisor so I can make a complaint

    which is how I have dealt with these problems previously.



    Refusing to allow me to make a complaint is not giving equal access to services which I have a right to.

    And complaints is a part of the service offered, if they make it challenging for people without disabilities to cancel their services

    and find information on how to make his complaints how much more challenging is it to me,

    and isn't the whole point of the equality act to offer everybody a fair and equal times whether it's in the workplace or a consumer issue……


    I have tried to make a complaint I tried to return the TV several times.


    If a service agent or delivery agent acts aggressively towards me and makes undue demands of me like aggressively telling me

    to put the contents of one box into another box which he has no right to do I will return with as much force and aggression,



    I pointed out his next reaction to so you could get an idea of what the delivery agents state of mind was at the time.

    I make no apologies for being open, honest and direct somebody treats me aggressively I will return that aggression.

    I can suffer many things in life I will never suffer a bully.


    Which brings me to my next point,

    saying don't play the disable card every time things go wrong is the same as saying "you have rights,

    we are not going to tell you what those rights are,

    I'm not going to tell you how you use those rights,

    but yet you got rights,

    but if you ask how to use those rights I am going to tell you,

    you are being a baby for trying to use those rights……


    Do you perhaps work for Amazon?

  3. So update on this,


    Got in contact with the citizens advice bureau who passed me onto the extra help unit. I pretty much sent the first post omitting the very last statement. Had a chat with the person at citizens advice, really frustrating with ADHD, was passed on to the extra help unit.


    Dear Mr Dean,


    Please find attached our complaints acknowledgement letter with more information on the Extra Help Unit.


    Kind Regards,


    I am going to be sending off the SAR request on Friday (financial restrictions) thank you so much for all your help folks.


    Edited for clarity

  4. I have an ongoing dispute with Amazon, I have tried to resolve matters to the best of my ability.


    I have serious health conditions that are covered by the Equality Act 2010.



    My health conditions make it very hard to make decisions, I'm forgetful at times and I can't plan ahead.



    Together, these factors make it difficult for me to carry out day-to-day activities.



    Under the Equality Act 2010 I am defined as a 'disabled person'.

    My health conditions are documented by my Doctor.


    May I say thank you very kindly beforehand for taking the time to read this,

    I live in Scotland and I'm severely dyslexic so excuse any grammar issues.


    recently had a sale on Amazon where I bought a "SEIKI SE39UY01UK 39-Inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV with Freeview"

    26 dec dispatched on the 28th

    when it arrived it was broken,

    looked like somebody had dropped it on a corner

    when taking it out or off of something and the screen broke.


    I've tried several times to return the item as well as make a detailed complaint,

    I've tried to find out how to make a complaint to the company under the equality act of 2010.

    I cannot seem to find any details.



    Extensive details how to make payments, very little help on cancellations

    and other services especially for those that are covered by the equality act 2010.


    Telephonically several times I have tried to make it to a supervisor level in order to make a complaint never being allowed to.


    I have explained to the customer service agents that I cannot pack all of the contents into one original box

    and therefore have 2 to which the customer service agents have said yes

    that would be fine but when the delivery agent came to pick up they refuse to take it.


    The first delivery agent arrived after the allotted schedule time window made entry to the private stairwell and just left his card on my doorstep.


    The next delivery agent arrived on time but very aggressively ordered me to pack the contents from the extra box into the original box.



    To which I replied sorry I cannot"

    he then turned squaring his chest up to mine clenched his right first

    raised his left hand up and pointed at me and very aggressively and threateningly

    told me not to talk to him like that.



    To which I replied "leave now" I had to repeat this several times before he left.


    I do not believe that it was mindfulness of his job that stopped him from carrying out an aggressive act,

    but the fact that I have rehabilitated a very badly treated border collie who used to attack anybody that got too close.



    My collie like myself having grown up in Johannesburg do not accept threatening and aggressive behavior of any kind off of anybody especially,

    not those who are in employee and offering their services on my doorstep.


    The one and only he should have said was "I'm sorry sir would you be kind enough to pack them into one box is only scheduled to take one box

    and it's all I can take, or if you like you can contact Amazon and make the necessary arrangements

    and I can come back another time thank you by"



    I'm no expert, but being hired by Amazon makes them a representative of Amazon and

    I seriously doubt Amazon allow their staff or representatives to behave in an aggressive

    and threatening manner regardless of the circumstances.

    I was not the first act aggressively.


    I used to use Amazon on a fairly regular basis for books and goods, as well as services like TV and movie streaming,

    the only thing I felt I could do was remove my card details as they even make it difficult to cancel subscribed services or even find information.


    I really don't care about the £260

    I don't want anybody on my doorstep from this company again,

    but I do want them to accept that they failed to meet their obligations under the 2010 equality act.


    I will never use their service again but I have taken the time to find some of their more sinister business dealings

    and will do my best whenever I hear anybody mention the name is to show them why they really shouldn't

    and I would really like a letter from them admitting that they failed on so many different levels.


    Sometimes a pen is so much mightier than the sword…


    26th of December order TV.

    28th is dispatched.

    called for return.

    The delivery agent leaves card does not try make contact.

    called to chat to supervisor was refused was also refused to make a complaint. And told it would be fine with having two boxes.

    Very aggressive interaction with the delivery agent.

    Tried twice to call and make a complaint to supervisor and gave up.


    I really, really do not want to interact with delivery agents again I will not have people acting aggressively towards me on my own doorstep.


    As previously stated I will never deal with Amazon again after this either.


    My question is really what to say who to say it to?

  5. Thank you very much for your help, it took me days to write that and a lot of stress but so well worth it for the information thank you. The hardest part for me really is reading to try and find a solution now that I finally overcome the problems with typing!


    I hope you folks have an absolutely fantastic week. All the best.

  6. Hi folks,


    Seriously dyslexic, I know this is an wrong place but I'm hoping somebody would be kind enough to move for me and my say thank you in advance to everyone for reading this. Microphone off


    I have an ongoing dispute with npower and I need a little information on whether this is acceptable for a freedom of information request.


    About five years ago I moved into a new property, rented took a dual fuels contract with them giving me a discount on both services.


    Shortly into the contract I started having problems with mental health issues (ADHD, bipolar disorder among others) and I missed a few payments. They split the bills up, I now have letters with three different account numbers for each service, as well as some of the letters and bills, addressed to the owner/occupier rather than in my name.


    In some of my clearer periods, I’ve attempted to clear this up with npower telephonically as well as through writing to no avail.


    Telephonically I would call up explain who I was what had happened, they would take details ask me for meter readings as well as a meter identification numbers which I would supply. Consistently the response would be the same.


    Npower: that doesn’t make sense, are you sure you have supplied the correct details.

    Me: yes I have indeed would you like me to send photos.

    Npower: yes please, if you could email them to me and then I will get back to you as soon I can.


    I’ve been through this process several times and no one ever gets back to me, except for the debtors team or collections team whatever.


    In one of my less clear moments, they managed to get an entry warrant because I wasn’t paying attention to my mail, when the bailiff served the warrant I showed him all my evidence. I also showed evidence of me trying to resolve the issue. He reported back to npower and went through the exact same procedures I had, the exact same results.

    He chose not to enforce the warrant telling me that if he had seen the evidence prior to going to court he would not have.

    He reported back to Npower that he was unable to fit the meter, he gave me great advice on how to block Npower from trying to enforce the warrant for the remaining six weeks of its validity.


    I have also tried to resolve the issue through writing, where unfortunately we cannot seem to manage clear concise communication that brings out an end result.


    They have accused me of tampering with the equipment which proved to be erroneous.


    Somewhere in between April and June 2014 a service agent made entry taking photographs of all the equipment, he admitted that they had mismatching information and were in the process of resolving the issue in our stairwell….


    I sent in a letter of complaint which started dealing with the issue but that broke down rather rapidly I'm still not too sure who or why (having had an accident in October 2013 to which I am now just recently fully recovered) but still seeking medical attention for related problems.


    I do not believe this issue can be resolved without third party involvement.


    The electricity accounts that they are preparing to take me to court to recover arrears (dated 2 March 2015 your outstanding balance notice of intention to apply for a warrant of entry and notice of intention to file a default on your credit file) is the account that they have had continuity of my name.


    Ideally if we are going to court for something I want both fuels together, as the contract stated is dual fuel contract. And the serious breakdown in communication has always occurred when trying to resolve the identifiers with the gas account and equipment.


    They have rewired our entire stairwell and can only presume that it is my flat is holding up as all the rest of the stairwells seem to have been wired up.


    What I want from Npower to bring about final resolution:


    1.) To return my fuels to a duel fuels contract with discounts applied for the preceding years.

    2.) I believe that throughout this process I have also been put on higher fuel charges if this is so I want them returned to the contractually agreed prices.

    3.) I want them to remove all the charges as well as interest charges that they have added to my account both manually as well as automatically(Call out charges, letter charges, the first warrant charges)

    4.) And if we can agree on this then it’s a matter of compensation.


    What I want from in Npower by way of freedom of information act:


    1.) A full statement of accounts (asked for several times never provided).


    2.) A copy of all letters sent to me in paper format. (ADHD, dyslexia, eye distress it easier for me to have all of our communication in a paper format so I can identify specific areas that I would like to dig deeper.) I believe there were changes made to my account at some point in the last 12 months, but I'm not sure exactly where or how. I have a lot of communication here but due to mental health issues I cannot be sure I have all of it, and in order to go court I need to be clear and concise.


    3.) A copy of all communications in digital format (including all metadata, manual changes to my account, all call recordings)


    4.) Basically anything to do with me, I want to know who they sent my personal information to under what circumstances and for what purpose.

  7. as far as paying the tax credit no danger ever, i fought that too but couldn't get them to ask why my tax file had been manually changed they where only concerned with whether i could prove them wrong which i couldn't and thats when my tax file was manually changed. if i am not mistaken as it was an over payment due to understating taxes. a fraud label would be applied with bankruptcy protection i was advised to wait for a ccj from hmrc and then apply for bankruptcy as i already have another recent ccj against me.


    When i do apply for bankrupty I will still pay off some of my depts, like a recent grant to help me start a business before my accident. i am not trying to gain a free ride but won't allow anyone to get the better of me.... the damage has already been done to my credit rating. I am tired of fighting for what is right and have decided that everyone and everything fits into roughly two boxes. those that i work with or those i work to overcome! how often can you hear someone say that you know what hmrc so suck on it.... npower lost my respect and any moral obligation i felt the first time i dealt with them.

  8. My objection to paying this is they changed the rates i was paying and i lost my discounts they refused to reinstate or even discussing anything other than paying what what owed(at the time and go away) even tho i could prove that we have a signed agreement that states dual fuels.


    they don't even have the correct details for seriel no on the equipment in my flat and that is even after the elecricity board whent in there.


    doesn't a court need a clear line of evidence or is it all hear say? if they don't know what equipment is in my flat(until i let the guy in) then how can they have a claim that is valid

    I will pay what i owe if we agree and in full but i know they will never settle with out mediation I've treid



    The first run in i had with n power was ten years ago and they dilibratly kept me paying someone else's dept because i never understood the system at the time. I couldn't reclaim all the costs back then because i never saved all the little slips you get from the shop.

  9. as far as requesting info from them i plan on asking for everything, tell calls manual changes to my account on calls and every document they have ever sent me! Unfortunately i never signed for each bit of received info and do not hold royal mail in high regard as a trusted delivery agent and niether do the courts or they wouldn't require your signiture for all offical documents that are delivered...

  10. i was on a dual fuel tarrif and missed a dd they then splitt the two bills up and one is in my name and one is in the occupier. they don't even have the correct # for the equipment on my wall. I have tried to deal with then on the phone a couple of times and they where less than helpfull.



    They then applied to the electricity board to get an entry warrant which they did, i got caught growing some weed 2 plants for research into the plants growing habits (it's can become a hermaphrodite in order to reproduce fascinating) anyway I need to buy about 6 months so i can get the fraud label removed from my hmrc dept to a ccj i will happily pay any supplier a cash deposit i will not have one of these machines in my home!



    I'm a funny esoteric character where by i will put my hands up and take what's coming if i am in the wrong. And NOTHING not even jail will i back down if i know i am right.....

  11. My intention is to waste time untill my bankruptcy protection comes thru.... A few years ago got screwed by the tax man, they made a manual change to my tax account when the person doing the review found ouit i lost my financials for 4 years when i moved self emplyed this change affected my eligibility to working tax credit...


    I am now waiting for them to apply for a ccj for the two years wtc that they want back roughly £2200 for one year and £3240 for the next

    I will not pay any of these depts but need them all in my bankruptcy protection order

  12. Hey guys and girls, I've spent a few hours yesterday and an hour this morning trying to find an intent to defend a claim from my energy company npower,


    I believe they changed my contract illegally and they refused to really discuss the matter so after being fobbed off i just refused to pay. I owe over 2k on each account that should be a dual fuels account (my issue). each time they called i would advise to take to court to secure any futher compliance from me...


    ~I am dyslexic bi polar adhd and spending a couple of hours yesterday and today my anxiety has just sky rocketed.


    I will how ever be applying for bankruptcy just can't for another 4 to 6 months





    My i say thanks in advance! I am so stressed all i really want to do is sign the back of the form they sent me with a one line instruction of my intention to defend but somehow think it may fall short of what is needed...

  13. Ah cheers i did see the link and have already saved a copy to desk top for ease of use later, but was asking if there was one for the t-mobile issue! Sorry for the miscomunication!


    And again thanks


    You guys and girls are true life heroes!

    If only the general concept on this planet was give and not take imagine what a wonderfull world this could be!


    i am feeling alot more confident about it after ignoring it for so long! thanks

  14. Hi and welcom to CAG.

    The DCA's can forget

    Thank you and thanks for your speedy reply and advice!




    Of this £1900 do you have any idea roughly how much of it is made up of charges e.g. late payment fees overlimit fees?


    not much maybe £100 -£200 there charges are £12 but not sure if it's for default and letter or if they charge sep for them!

    Does this include if they have put me on a higher interest rate for defualt?

    I'm not saying they have just wondering!


    Again any charges can be claimed back. I think the important thing here is that the contract was cancelled. They can not charge you for a contract you did not use. If it states that they can then that is an unfair term. Either way you certainly won't be paying them this amount of money if anything at all.



    Is there a template that i can use to ask for relavent info?



    What are the name of the company dealing with this? It may be a DCA but they are more likely to be sheriff officers in which case they will have added about 10%.



    I'm fairly confident it's Scott and co!



    You'll need to send each bank a Subject Access Request along with the tenner fee to get a breakdown of all the charges they have added. A template for the Subject Access Request is here


    I'll look out the addresses for each company that the Subject Access Request should go to.


    Remember any questions just shout as we are all here to help :)


    I shall prepare what i can and do one or two at the end of the month when i can juggle an extra £20 £30 i am guesing that recorded mail is the way to go or is hand delivery to branch ok first class mail? can i send a check from my business account? as would prefer to save on costs of postal order as they charge for them if my memory serves



    And again thanks!

  15. Hi Shaggy717, Youve come to the right place for advice in dealing with the debt.



    Thanks blue!



    Another thing that i noticed was that t- mobile just started another d/debit with out my consent but i cancelled it before it had a chance to go through!


    my main source of income is working tax credits £50 per week and i have released funds from a small inheritance that is trickled into my account but will only last another 2 or three years my other earnings are sporadic and over a year is approx 3500 last twelve months!



    I have been told that i should go on to IB but want to avoid at all costs!

  16. OMG I feel like crying i just spent over an hour putting everything down and lost it due to browser crash!


    Here goes

    May i first start by saying sorry in advance that I'm dyslexic and will make grammar mistakes but using my mail composer as it has auto save and spell check could not do it a third time!


    You guys and girls are real true life heroes and may i say thank you for reading and replying to my post in advance!


    I have spent the last three or four days trawling through threads but haven't found anything specific to my questions but have learnt allot thanks!


    First some history


    I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar and suffered with it for about 15 years I am a very strong person and have always found it hard looking for help hence taking so long to be diagnosed with three previous suicide attempts (early stages) it is only in the last 5 years i have found it impossible to get on in real life! The only reason for seeking help is that over the last year suicide has been at the forefront of my mind and decided that it is not an option there is too much to live for and i intend to live it! But in order to live it i need to sort out somethings!


    In the last 5 years i have gone from being very successful in the hospitality industry to being unemployable! I have tried being self employed over the last three years but that is no longer an option(credit crunch) I have a very modest income and am barley making ends meet month to month but things will improve!


    My first priority is paying back my friends who have been nice enough to lend me around 2k and am in the process of paying them back in three months i will have £100 that can be allocated to my dept to my consumer creditors and around 3 months later another £50 to £100 being available!


    I start to take my meds from this Wednesday to try and stabilize my personalty and will take anything up to 2 years before i can seriously consider gainful employment! and increase my commitments to paying off my dept! (and even then it will be min wage as i have now got a drugs conviction! not a drugs problem)


    My creditors are that i can remember +- £5k to £6k


    John Lewis partnership card £1900 on the card I defaulted over a year ago entered into another agreement for repayments and defaulted again with me ignoring everything since!

    ( if i remember dca's have added another £500 to £1000 in charges and interest) If I'm not mistaken i can bypass these added funds by contacting the creditor directly and entering into another agreement if only token payments until my situation improves


    Banks all unauthorised over draft charges and interest that is climbing at an astounding rate! total of around £2k to £4k (combined estimate) in all cases i was fined for not having funds in my account to cover d/debit I tried at the time to have these charges overturned in writing but was told to sod off and just opened another account with another bank and have ignored ever since


    HSBC ignored for over 2 years haven't looked a statement in over a year so have no idea where it is and not sure who is now handling it!

    Nationwide being ignored for over a year

    Loydds tsb being ignored for over a year


    All wherCe around £400 to £600 when i started ignoring them and climbing by around £100 per month!


    All where over £35 fines how can this be legal the rich get rich and the poor are paying for it! ( i now understand why ppl make bomb threats and the likes)


    Mobile phones


    T mobile £500 plus what ever dca's have added, used for a month wasn't happy with an issue and refused to pay so they cancelled my contract and generated amount to cover full amount of contract

    3 g around £63 unsure what dca's have added



    Council tax £300 Edinburgh city council not sure what the dca has added! (have called and told them that i cannot afford to pay anything and haven't heard anything back)


    I started looking at my situation about a week ago again and in a manic state decided that the easiest way to deal with it would be was to shred every bit of info i have from any of them so don't know who is handling what and what the account no's are! and wait for the letters to come in!


    The dca's from memory are


    Scott and co


    and can't remember the others


    I could ask loads of questions but they will probably be the wrong ones!


    My main concern is can i start talking to them and hold them at bay for around 6 months before starting 2 make any real inroads to being dept free! remember that all i will be able to afford £150 - £200


    Oh and i just had a guy from the TV licences here this morning! I lied i told him that i was under care due to mental illness he persisted I told him i was bipolar and prone to suicide so **** of and leave me alone! he apologized profusely and gave me a tel no for my care team to call or when i was ready to deal with it!

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