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  1. I just spent well over an hour writing a response on an applet that was open from this morning that I refreshed a couple hours ago I think, naturally it had logged me out. I hit back page to see if I could still rescue it no joy went forward to see if it would post, logged in no joy…… This is going to be a long response, and being dyslexic struggling with reading and writing, recently learning to use a tool which is both expensive and challenging to learn to use. And just in the process of training a new profile because of my 3rd Mike(finally found one that is adequate and works), it is b
  2. My complaint has everything to do with the equality act, as stated I longer care about the money I never want the delivery agents at my door again nor do I ever want to deal with Amazon again. Because I have problems with reading and writing and asking three separate customer service agents to either make a complaint on my behalf or pass me on to supervisor so I can make a complaint which is how I have dealt with these problems previously. Refusing to allow me to make a complaint is not giving equal access to services which I have a right to. And complaints is
  3. So update on this, Got in contact with the citizens advice bureau who passed me onto the extra help unit. I pretty much sent the first post omitting the very last statement. Had a chat with the person at citizens advice, really frustrating with ADHD, was passed on to the extra help unit. Dear Mr Dean, Please find attached our complaints acknowledgement letter with more information on the Extra Help Unit. Kind Regards, I am going to be sending off the SAR request on Friday (financial restrictions) thank you so much for all your help folks. Edited for clarity
  4. I have an ongoing dispute with Amazon, I have tried to resolve matters to the best of my ability. I have serious health conditions that are covered by the Equality Act 2010. My health conditions make it very hard to make decisions, I'm forgetful at times and I can't plan ahead. Together, these factors make it difficult for me to carry out day-to-day activities. Under the Equality Act 2010 I am defined as a 'disabled person'. My health conditions are documented by my Doctor. May I say thank you very kindly beforehand for taking the time to read this,
  5. Awesome thanks folks, will get onto this before the end of the week! And again many thanks all the best. I will post when I hear back from them…
  6. Thank you very much I will, citizenb would you mind if I emailed you a draft of the SAR for proofreading before I send it? I still have your email address from a previous communications if that is still!
  7. Thank you very much for your help, it took me days to write that and a lot of stress but so well worth it for the information thank you. The hardest part for me really is reading to try and find a solution now that I finally overcome the problems with typing! I hope you folks have an absolutely fantastic week. All the best.
  8. Hi folks, Seriously dyslexic, I know this is an wrong place but I'm hoping somebody would be kind enough to move for me and my say thank you in advance to everyone for reading this. Microphone off I have an ongoing dispute with npower and I need a little information on whether this is acceptable for a freedom of information request. About five years ago I moved into a new property, rented took a dual fuels contract with them giving me a discount on both services. Shortly into the contract I started having problems with mental health issues (ADHD, bipolar disorder among othe
  9. as far as paying the tax credit no danger ever, i fought that too but couldn't get them to ask why my tax file had been manually changed they where only concerned with whether i could prove them wrong which i couldn't and thats when my tax file was manually changed. if i am not mistaken as it was an over payment due to understating taxes. a fraud label would be applied with bankruptcy protection i was advised to wait for a ccj from hmrc and then apply for bankruptcy as i already have another recent ccj against me. When i do apply for bankrupty I will still pay off some of my depts, like
  10. My objection to paying this is they changed the rates i was paying and i lost my discounts they refused to reinstate or even discussing anything other than paying what what owed(at the time and go away) even tho i could prove that we have a signed agreement that states dual fuels. they don't even have the correct details for seriel no on the equipment in my flat and that is even after the elecricity board whent in there. doesn't a court need a clear line of evidence or is it all hear say? if they don't know what equipment is in my flat(until i let the guy in) then how can they have a
  11. as far as requesting info from them i plan on asking for everything, tell calls manual changes to my account on calls and every document they have ever sent me! Unfortunately i never signed for each bit of received info and do not hold royal mail in high regard as a trusted delivery agent and niether do the courts or they wouldn't require your signiture for all offical documents that are delivered...
  12. i was on a dual fuel tarrif and missed a dd they then splitt the two bills up and one is in my name and one is in the occupier. they don't even have the correct # for the equipment on my wall. I have tried to deal with then on the phone a couple of times and they where less than helpfull. They then applied to the electricity board to get an entry warrant which they did, i got caught growing some weed 2 plants for research into the plants growing habits (it's can become a hermaphrodite in order to reproduce fascinating) anyway I need to buy about 6 months so i can get the fraud label re
  13. My intention is to waste time untill my bankruptcy protection comes thru.... A few years ago got screwed by the tax man, they made a manual change to my tax account when the person doing the review found ouit i lost my financials for 4 years when i moved self emplyed this change affected my eligibility to working tax credit... I am now waiting for them to apply for a ccj for the two years wtc that they want back roughly £2200 for one year and £3240 for the next I will not pay any of these depts but need them all in my bankruptcy protection order
  14. Do you have an email i can mail you a pic less personal identifiers all you will see is my account no and their reference... And thanks btw! warrant of entry oh i forgot i live in scotland sorry probably the most vital bit of info...
  15. Hey guys and girls, I've spent a few hours yesterday and an hour this morning trying to find an intent to defend a claim from my energy company npower, I believe they changed my contract illegally and they refused to really discuss the matter so after being fobbed off i just refused to pay. I owe over 2k on each account that should be a dual fuels account (my issue). each time they called i would advise to take to court to secure any futher compliance from me... ~I am dyslexic bi polar adhd and spending a couple of hours yesterday and today my anxiety has just sky rocketed. I wi
  16. Ah cheers i did see the link and have already saved a copy to desk top for ease of use later, but was asking if there was one for the t-mobile issue! Sorry for the miscomunication! And again thanks You guys and girls are true life heroes! If only the general concept on this planet was give and not take imagine what a wonderfull world this could be! i am feeling alot more confident about it after ignoring it for so long! thanks
  17. Thank you and thanks for your speedy reply and advice! not much maybe £100 -£200 there charges are £12 but not sure if it's for default and letter or if they charge sep for them! Does this include if they have put me on a higher interest rate for defualt? I'm not saying they have just wondering! Is there a template that i can use to ask for relavent info? I'm fairly confident it's Scott and co! I shall prepare what i can and do one or two at the end of the month when i can juggle an extra £20 £30 i am guesing that recor
  18. Thanks blue! Another thing that i noticed was that t- mobile just started another d/debit with out my consent but i cancelled it before it had a chance to go through! my main source of income is working tax credits £50 per week and i have released funds from a small inheritance that is trickled into my account but will only last another 2 or three years my other earnings are sporadic and over a year is approx 3500 last twelve months! I have been told that i should go on to IB but want to avoid at all costs!
  19. OMG I feel like crying i just spent over an hour putting everything down and lost it due to browser crash! Here goes May i first start by saying sorry in advance that I'm dyslexic and will make grammar mistakes but using my mail composer as it has auto save and spell check could not do it a third time! You guys and girls are real true life heroes and may i say thank you for reading and replying to my post in advance! I have spent the last three or four days trawling through threads but haven't found anything specific to my questions but have learnt allot thanks! First som
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