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  1. This is a good one this!!!!! Received the replacement suite today, complete with burn in the arm!!!!!! Didnt spot it straight away so phoned the store manager, "have to phone the customer helpline im afraid theres nothing i can do" Absolutely fuming, i want to sue this bunch of cow boys, what a complete and utter shower of robbing idiots, the managers argument was i should have checked better, however he told me last time i spoke to him that all goods are checked before they are delivered!!!
  2. Dig in buddy, Barclays were pretty good when i got them involved, things appeared to happen a lot quicker when they got involved Chris
  3. Ill phone up tomorrow, ive never actually spoken/dealt with the LL directly, the flat is managed by a letting agent, ive had to go through them for everything
  4. Hi folks Well just a quick post here to test the watter Basically i stay in a block of flats that were built 4 years ago Discovered 6 weeks ago that the hot tap under the bath in the main bathroom has been leaking for some time, as a result the floor has been destroyed and plumbers/joiners confirmed the whole thing will be coming out to replace the floor/plaster board and start again. As i mentioned i reported this 6 weeks ago and have still heard nothing other than its with the insurance The bathroom has been unusable due to smell/beasties crawling around in there, th
  5. Well a bit of a result after a strongly worded 6 page letter Finally the manufacturer has admitted they were at fault, first i was told they would take further action to fix it then today i received a phone call from the SCS manager at the store of my original purchase The manufacturer has gave the store a credit to the full value of the suite, so £1560 or there abouts Ive lost faith in the suite i had so definately wouldnt want that again Where would i stand if i only wanted a suite worth £1000, what about the other £560?? Between the days off, phone bills and stress
  6. If only all SCS staff were that easy to deal with!
  7. Superb, ill try a non threatening letter first, see how that goes to dispute the outcome so far and request another assessor Failing that ill file the action! I had a look at what i needed to fill in the other day, the only bit i wasnt sure about is whom im summoning to court from SCS, the bit i have to fill in for who is being summoned will cross that bridge if it comes
  8. What fees / costs would there be with taking them to court? I was considering trying to get them to the small claims court if all else failed Im in scotland if that makes any difference?
  9. Hi there I asked for copies of both reports I was refused this and told by the store manager they wouldnt release them as they were internal only Then i was told by the store manager the reports were legal documents which was another reason he wouldnt release them Ive got loads of photos from before and after the 'repair' They are a bunch of cowboys, it gets me angry every time i think about it
  10. Hi folks, new to the site, hoping for some sound advice So the Saga begins, back in March 2008 i ordered a suite from an SCS in scotland, the bill came to just shy of £1600 The suite then arrived Late April/early May 2008 About October/November it became apparent that the reclining mechanism on the 3 seater was rubbing on the front of the cushions and was causing scarring and damage on the cushion front. The reclining mechanism rubbed from day one but we hardly ever used it so thought nothing of it Rang up the End of November and an assessor was sent out. Assessor said
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