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  1. its the right address - do you know that there is a £300 property damage excess for MIB claims?
  2. yes what losses are you claiming for? what address are you sending it to?
  3. whats the reason they have returned it? Is it under the untraced or uninsured drivers agreement? What is your claim in respect of?
  4. clemma its a good letter but trespass is not a criminal offence and therefore they may consider your talk of police attendance to be a threat. Conversely they may not know that but I would not personally put that in the letter anyway
  5. they are but they are underfunded and understaffed hence the delays - also they are v v pedantic!!
  6. you can only book up to 2 in a room with hotwire Im afraid
  7. yes but you still have to issue within 3 years limitation still applies let me know what your solicitor says who is it by the way?
  8. well yes unless they have a very good explanation as to why they havent issued - the MIB are very difficult to deal with and if you dont comply with all of their requirements , they wont deal with the claim
  9. proceedings will be issued against the MIB - please tell me that proceedings have been issued and served else as I say your Client is statute barred
  10. well the county court that your solicitor has issued proceedings in - if no proceedings have been issued your claim is statute barred!! Good luck!
  11. No thats ok its understandable! Speak to your Solicitor and ask him why the MIB wont issue an interim and tell him you want him to apply to the Court for one
  12. proceedings have to be issued against the MIB within 3 years of the accident - you need to find out what the current situation is from your solicitor what offer has been made by the MIB to settle, if any?
  13. whats the offer? what does the surgeon say is causing your current injuries? What advice are you receiving from your solicitor?
  14. How can this be a 4 yr old claim without proceedings issued? The MIB are to all intents and purpose an Insurer and therefore still deal with it on that basis. Find out why the MIB wont give an interim and say you want an interim and you want an application issued if the MIB wont do it voluntarily
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