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  1. Thanks Assisted Blonde! Do you know any caggers or do you recall any threads where there have been succesful claims by customers? Where did you read that the appeal had been rejected...that would be really useful Cheers Fingers
  2. Hi All My wife arrived at Luton Aiport this morning at 5am. She checked in her bags and then made her way to security. At security she was turned back and informed that she could not go through to departures as her flight was 5 hours late. She couldnt believe that easyjet did not inform her of this at check in and the net result was that she had to spend 5.5 hrs in the airport with a 2 yr old toddler! She was given a £6 food voucher. She found out from airline staff that the delay was a "technical fault" and that they knew the plane had issues the night before! So not email or ca
  3. Hi Guys! Ok so the long awaited outcome... As you know I was basically facing £4k of legal costs...up the river without a paddle! In the end i borowed money from family to repay the debt in full + offered Barclays a very nominal amount to cover their costs (just as a matter of principle) So thats how the story ends for me, financially im much better off as the loan from family is interest free and I have avoided the bulk of the banks legal costs ... I have to say my days of taking banks to court are over.......well for now at least ! Thx to all for your help on th
  4. hey guys just wondered if you had a chance to read barclays response to my letter ? any thoughts before a write a reply?
  5. hi guys I have emailed you all a copy of my correspondence and will await feedback ! cheers Fingers 8)
  6. Thanks very much that is useful feedback. Ok well my sols have been adament that if they want me to continue to act they will charge £300ph. They have distanced themselves now from the advice / support they gave me on my disclosure application. So the only way to get them to share costs / or work for free would I guess be to make a complaint agaisnt them first and if no joy to the law society. I guess the question would be: a) would you want the sols to negotiate the point or b) i deal with Barclays sols directly Will it really make much difference to the outcome as to w
  7. ok tyvm really need some ideas
  8. hey slick any ideas / thoughts from the team? cheers F
  9. Hey Slick Never had PPI on the a/c. No missed payments ever so no charges / default fees to reclaim either. Rgds F
  10. Hi Slick Any further thoughts ? Cheers F
  11. Just double checked the file and correct nothing personal to me. They did send me letter stating that "please find enclosed a copy of your credit agrement at the time" but only enclosed non-personalised t & cs no credit agreement. Letter also stated my credit limit, current balance monthly payment etc. So I agree with you on this shadow. They havent provided a re-constituted / re-constructed version of my original agreement so they are in default. Rgds F
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