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  1. Hi I have to submit a proposed timetable for a one day trial as requested by the Court, can anybody forward me an example of this. I am suing LTSB for negligence and harrassment and have been allocated to Multi Track. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi and hope all is proceeding well read this and help if you can LTSB B*******! In august 2006 I attended financial review meeting with Lloyds TSB to discuss over commitment of unsecured debt, at the time I had an overdraft of 3K, credit card of 15K and a loan of 6K ( which was almost repaid )together with a joint mortgage with C&G for 73K. The meeting was prearranged as my wife was requested to attend for signatory purposes. There was 4 people in attendance; myself and my wife, the bank manager and a debt advisor from LTSB. A credit check was made (which I signed for) and a full
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