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  1. Sorry for delay in replying, yes the I had a bank a/c with the nationwide which i stpped using as i transferred all my wages and direct debits to the co_op. The nationwide a/c was left dormant with a few pounds in it and never heard from again and am still living at the same address
  2. Nationwide lodged default on credit file on Feb 2008 and didnt know anything about it Sent standard template letter requesting copy of agreement etc. £1 postal order included. Sent recorded delivery 22.09.2010 and signed for on24.09.2010 Nothing heard so sent another recorded delivery letter on 4.01.11 saying please remove data as unsubstantiated Received letter from nationwide date 17.01.11 saying going to investigate my concerns and should be in a position to issue a response by 07.02.11. Surely they have have not complied with my original request which i made on the 24.
  3. Many thanks will use the template letter above for disputed debt and just play as you put it "postal ping pong"
  4. Many thanks for your help, so to get this straight Orange wold have registered the default on 17/04/2005 and then sold the debt to Arrow in at the end of 2007. The copy of the letter from Arrow dated April 2008 is very misleading as it makes it look like the default hasnt been registered yet? Am going to dispute the debt anyway, any other suggestions or suppose could just wait the 7 months till it "drops" off my credit file
  5. The copy of the letter dated 18/04/2008 states that Orange assigned all of its repective rights,title and interest to Arrow Global effective 19/12/2007 It then goes on to say "We will report this account as a defaulted account with the relevant credit reference agencies. We will do this not earlier than 28 days from the date of this letter. You should be aware that the exsistence of this default informaton may adversely affect your ability to obtain credit in the future. If you pay your account in full within 28 days from the date of this letter, then we will instead report the account a
  6. Noticed on my credit file that a default was registered to me on the 17/04/2005 by Arrow Global Ltd for £68.49 with regards to an Orange a/c. Requested information with regards to this debt as had no knowledge of it, Arrow Global sent copies of the paperwork dated 18/04/2008 which stated that Orange had assigned all the respective rights to Arrow Global effective from 19/12/2007, the letter goes on to state that they will report this a/c as a "defaulted account" no earlier than 28 days from the date of the letter. Arrow Global in their covering letter are now advsing that I must pay
  7. Yes I do and the council then informs us what we can still enforce and guess what its still quite a lot. I guess if the sign was missing from your residents bay and somebody else was parked in it you wouldnt mind would you?
  8. Go ahead Ironside you tell me what I would exactly be charged with for issuing a PCN incorrectly because a sign was missing in a disabled bay (we are not talking about any other type of bay cause thats a different matter where common sense might be used) First you would have to prove that I knew the sign was missing before I issued the ticket when all i have to do is say i forgot to look sorry. Second how to you think the local press would re-act when I tell my side of the story that a non blue badge holder who parked in a disabled spot which is clearly visible with the words "disabled" and a
  9. Lets hope your 4,675 posts before this one were much better and thank you I have already learned something................. about you
  10. Didnt say anything about your tyres being slashed did I. You wouldnt make a very good witness if you where in the box making stuff up.Its a wonder you got your appeal quashed cause you probably took down the signage in the first place so you could park closer to blockbuster to rent more episodes of rumpole of the bailey. If I didnt witness the act of your tyres being let down what would you like me to say "your honour sorry to say I didnt see anything"
  11. Not worried in the least cause i think you have watched too many episodes of Rumpole of the Bailey and think you are an oracle about everything legal and parking related.
  12. Quite simple DYL no parking 24/7, SYL no parking Mon-Sat 8am to 6pm UK wide.
  13. What are you talking about? What criminal act have i committed for issuing a unenforceable PCN? What damages and why would I be called as a witness?
  14. Its not an illegal fine its and unenforceable fine. What criminal act have i committed? Am sure I could find a technicality that would let me get away with it
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