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  1. yes I know, they owe us about £200 in charges over the past few years so once we get our PPi refunded I will be asking them for that back too seeing as they were so efficient Good luck Kx
  2. Hi there They were not at all stubborn. I sent them a letter late Dec 08 by beginning of Jan they have responded to say they were looking into it and would give a full reply within 8 weeks. Last week got a letter off them to say they will pay plus 8% but do not admit liability. I have applied for PPI on two loans with Halifax and have had the same with both, one was for 20k the other just under 2K. They did stipulate that they would offset the balance of any account in arrears, we currently have an overdraft with them that we no longer use and are paying off each month, but
  3. Hi there I am expecting a refund from Halifax for mis sold PPI on a 20k loan from 2006. It was taken out beginning of May 2006 and settled on 29/1/2007 (remortgaged) Halifax have agreed to refund the PPI plus 8% - does anyone know how much PPI is generally on a loan of that size, I think the interest rate was about 6 or 7% at the time I dont know if the PPI was front loaded or per month sorry Thanks K x
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