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  1. Just as a matter of interest. I obtained a copy of my CRA from Equifax and note that Egg marked my account as 'S' meaning 'settled' on the 30/9/2004. I also note that dear old Cabot have registered a D for default on August 2004. Interesting given that they claim in one of their letters to me that they have 'recently' bought my account. Any comments anyone????
  2. Thanks Jogs. Will do. I'm so glad I kept those statements.
  3. Sorry! Human error, I got the figures reversed. In fact, reading the initial letter from Cabot, they claimed I owed them £4629 and in the most recent letter they now state I owe them £4688. The debt to Egg was £4549 back in Sept 04 and I did make some repayments to Egg and Moorcroft via DMP. So charges have been added by goodness knows who along the way. Egg never informed me that they were selling the debt and Cabot have never informed me of what they are basing their charges on. Can they add charges to an account in dispute?
  4. Hi Cabot wrote to me out of the blue claiming I was in arrears on an account, they gave no details of what the account was and asked me to contact them.... I didn't. I came to this forum instead! The second letter arrived soon after. They claimed to have bought a debt from Egg for a credit card I took out in 2001. To cut a long story short. I went onto a Debt Management Plan with CCCS in Sept 2004 and made payments to Egg. Egg then passed on the debt to Moorcroft, who took a couple of payments and then I noted on my CCCS statement that the balance for the Egg account was nil an
  5. Brief update and if anyone can help, a few questions. I have received what appears to be the standard reply letter from Crapbot following my request for a copy of the Credit Agreement. Extracts as follows:- 'The Cabot Financial Group is not obliged to provide this information but we are pleased to help' 'Cabot Financial does not accept the statutory fee required under section 77/ and/or 78' 'We anticipate that we will be able to provide this information within 12 days. In the event we are unlikely to obtain this information within those time limits, we will write to you ag
  6. Thanks Pinky69 for your support. These things are a heavy burden on your own.
  7. Yes, I've got the bags under my eyes to prove it, lol! They have been gripping late night reading.
  8. I'm new to this informative site and have spent the last few days trying to learn as much as I can following three sunny yellow letters from CABOT, the first one claiming that 'We've recently had confirmation of your address' (oh yeah?) and that 'Your Cabot account is overdue'. What account might that be then I asked myself?!!! The second letter soon followed, informing me that 'Cabot Financial Group has recently bought the account you held with Egg'. I only wish that Egg had sold it to me at the knock down price Cabot no doubt paid. I was delighted to read that their friendly team wan
  9. [What will Cabot do next? Hi, I'm in the same position. I recently received a letter from cabot (or is it carboot), which read as follows:- 'Your Cabot account is overdue We've recently obtained confirmation that you live athe the above address. Your account is overdue and we need to talk to you as soon as possible. Speak to one of our helpful advisors blah, blah blah!' In view of the fact that I am unaware of owing these people any money, I disregarded the letter (knowing the next one would follow). Sure enough, letter 2 has duly arrived. This time with a littl
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