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  1. I have received a letter today from MMF, which states the following: Dear (me) Outstanding Balance £xxxx As you now have more than one account with us you have been allocated a new customer number which you should use in all future correspondence with us for all your accounts. This will remain as your reference for all dealings with MMF giving us, and you, a single customer view of your MMF accounts. You will find the breakdown of your accounts enclosed. (it's four payday loans) To remind you, we will not ask you to pay more than you can afford, we will remain flexible and only set a repayment plan that is in line with your financial circumstances. 4 steps to an easy repayment plan: 1. Work out how much you can afford 2. Think about the frequency of your paymentns and your preferred method of payment from the options on the back of the letter 3. Contact us on 0113 887 6876 to speak to one of our experienced agents to set your payment plan or 4. Complete the enclosed payment mandate form then return to [email protected] along with you completed income and expenditure form (it isn't enclosed) or alternatively return them in the enclsosed envelpoe (nor is this) You may even be eligible for a discount to assist in clearing these accounts sooner and still be able to spread the repayments. If you are experiencing financial difficulties don't let this stop you, as we have a specialist team equipped to understand and deal with your circumastances. Please note we have highlighted (they haven't) that one of your accounts has exceeded the Statute of Limitations period which mean the period for court action has lapsed however this account still remains payable. Please could you advise what I do now? None of the four payday loans is on any of my credit files, and they are all, to my knowledge, from at least five years ago. The last dealing I had with MMF was a spate of aggressive and threatening texts and calls to my mobile telling me they were turning up at my workplace TODAY if I didn't pay them - they didn't, of course, and I now have a new phone that means I can block numbers so this is the first I've heard in at least two years. Ignore? Or send some kind of response? Thank you in advance!
  2. Just to update on this, letter received today from Brian Carter saying they've 'received my corespondence' (i.e my CCA request) and have 'referred to their client' and have 'put my account on hold'. So I'll wait and see what comes next...
  3. Having looked, I realised I had combined with a CPR. I've now sent a CCA, today, recorded.
  4. Just to update, Mortimr Clarke has writen to me today to say they've put my account on hold while they request the required documents from the origninal creditor. So we'll see what happens when that arrives!
  5. Hello All, just to let you know I've received the following from Brian Carter this morning: We confirm the letter you received was a Letter Before Action and no court proceedings have been issued as yet. In any event this matter would most likely be allocated to the Small Claims Track and Part 31 will not apply. In any event the Notices of Default and Assignment left the control of the Claimant when they were dispatched to you. It is the orginial creditor's policy to issue agreements at the start of the contract and statements thoroughout the duration of the agreement and in this regard we ask you to refer to your own records. So.... what do I reply to that with? Sounds like I'll be receiving court papers sooner rather than later, doesn't it?
  6. Hmmm.. Lowell has applied the default as far as I can see (as in, on my credit file they're named as the creditor. I had a look through the SAR info from the original creditor yesterday, and it seems to suggest I made payments by Direct Debit in 2010, but these payments all appeared to be for Zero, and then the balance went UP by £12 each month (a missed payment fee I assume). I'm now looking to get old bank statements to prove I had no active direct debit and made no payment, so I'll tackle Lowell. But for now I just need to keep Brian Carter off my back. He'll have received the CCA this morning so I'll await my post with treidation next week!
  7. Hi All Thanks for all the assistance yesterday. The CCA is in the post just now, so we'll see what comes back. nonymouse.
  8. Not that I can see - I need to have another look through it tomorrow but I remember not being able to find anything about the last payment,which is what I wanted to challenge Lowell originally.
  9. Yes, this is all the same issue - I have the materials from the SAR but I lacked the mental space to deal with it any further as it was so incomprehensible, and now I've got a CCJ heading towards me. Utterly bewildered by all of this.
  10. OK, thanks. I am certain that *I* have not made a payment on the account since at April 2006, as that is when I encounterd the problems that have led me to be in debt. Lowell have defaulted me in January 2011, so I can only assume they have taken the applcation of fees to the account between 2006 and then as 'payments'. I don't have any paperwork for this account - it's all been destroyed. SO I need to prove when payments were made - I need statements etc - but I don't have any of this and so can't prove when I last made a payment. I haven't done a CCA request. Presumably that should be my first step and I can do it tomorrow if needed. Do I send a £1 postel order? And how do I stop Brian Carter from applying that £1 as a payment to the account and restarting the account - should I write any thing specific on the order?
  11. I'm sorry, I not massively familiar with this this site so don't quite understand what you're asking/telling me. Do you want more details from me, and are you asking about legal details or directing me to a link?
  12. Hi, please can someone advise what I should do here? Today have had a letter from Brian Carter saying Fredrickson has instructed them to commence proceedings on a debt in 14 days. The debt in questions is a LIttlewoods account which I opened in 2001 (I think) and I've made no payments since mid-2006, so it should be well statute barred, it's showing on my credit files that Lowell defaulted me in 2011 . There will be lots of fees on the account I should think. No idea where to go here - obviusly need to get Brian Carter off my back as can't afford a new CCJ on my nearly-clear credit file, but would also like to get the incorrect default gone too. Help, please?
  13. Ok. I'll send a CCA letter today. Assume it's still a £1 postel order? Reclaiming what?!
  14. Hi All Advice gratefully received on this one, please. I have receved a letter from Mortimer Clark this morning, threatening court action and a CCJ for a small catalogue debt. They've inclosed an income and expenditure form for me to return and fill in. The debt is set to become statute barred (and therefore drop off my credit files I assume?) in March next year, I'm obviously pretty concerned that getting a CCJ or starting a paymnt plan is just going to put a black mark on for yet another six years when I thought things were almost clear. What do I do now? Take the hit and pay the debt? Ask if they'll accept a full and final? Will this clear it from my credit file or restart the reporting? Or should I CCA? This case is further complicated in that a friend of my family works for Mortimer Clark - I really don't want to risk him seeing my income and expenditure details and/or finding out about my personal circumstances that have lead to the debt I'm now in Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks for the reply (and for sorting the lines!). No, definitely not paid anything in the last six years - definitely not had the funds to do so due to illness! I'll send a letter to Littlewoods in the first instance to try and get the actual date of the last payment and/or default, then I'll pass that to Lowell for their consideration. I don't suppose it's worth writing to Lowell until I have the (real) default date as it'll be my word against theirs?
  16. PS sorry about the single paragraph - I have tried to edit but the line breaks seem to disappear!
  17. I hope someone will be able to advise on this matter - I am very confused at the moment and finding it difficult to wade through what I need to do next. I have a default on my credit files (Noddle, Equifax, and Experian) from Lowell Portfolio Ltd, for around £1200. It's for a mail order, so I know it's a Littlewoods catalogue account which I had. The start date of 2000 is correct, however the default date is January 2011. I know I did not make ANY payment to Littlewoods after about the middle of 2006, and at that point my balance was nowhere near £1200. Could it be that Lowell is considering the charges that Littlewoods may have been applying to be 'payments'? Or are Lowell just plucking a date out of the air? I would like to dispute with Lowell that the default has been applied several years after the actual default date, which unfairly means it's still on my credit files - it should be long gone now. I sent a SAR to Littlewoods as I hoped to see when my last payment was so I could write to Lowell and confirm, but the information I got back to Littlewoods was incomprehensible and it wasn't clear when I had last made the payment, so I don't know what to do next. This default is the only 'black mark' on my credit file now, and I really want to get it corrected so I can get my credit back on track. Any advice about where I go next - who I write to and with what - would be very gratefully received. Thank you in advance.
  18. I suggest you realise how lucky you are to have a job and a roof over your head and start saving.
  19. Yes, I had a call from this one today. Luckily I have an iPhone so that's another one blocked.
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