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  1. sorry for the late reply. Appreciate all your input. I was under the impression that if i started to pay these back, that my credit score would increase, therefore have a better chance of getting accepted. I will take your advise and continue to ignore them. I've started receiving alot of letters from them again, albeit because i made contact!
  2. sorry for the late reply. The reason is that i want to clean up my credit file.. im trying to apply for a morgage and lowell are destroying my credit file. at least if i start a payment back it will start to repair my credit. that is the only reason im negotiating with them
  3. HI I have 3 outstanding accounts with Lowell. Totaling approx £3000. They are quite old accounts but not statue barred. I called today and offered to repay 40% of the total amount in order to help repair my credit file and clear these off. It would be on a repayment plan over 15 months. They agreed to this but advised that the debt will be marked as partially satisfied on my credit file and this doesn't look good on a credit file. I imagine there is some element of truth to this but obviously not as bad as unpaid! Is partially satisfied a bad indicator for potential new cre
  4. if i was to apply for credit. would i have a better chance with a settled ccj rather than unpaid?
  5. if the debt was cleared. how would that affect me applying for finance. would it not be better if its paid rather than outstanding?
  6. well im wanting to tidy up my credit rating and wanting the ccj either settled or removed. the debt is £500.
  7. Evening, I recently obtained my credit file from noodle and found A CCJ from 2014 on my account (genuinely don't recall this). Did some digging and it was for a capital one credit card back in 2012. I sent a CCA request to BWLegal who provided me with a copy of the agreement and a statement. Here is the details below; Account Opened - September 2011 Last Payment Made By Me - April 2012 CCJ Registered - August 2014 I have had nothing to do with this Credit Card since my last payment to it in 2012. The balance is relatively small. What are my options. Would this not be cl
  8. hello all, long time since i posted here. Ill cut to the chase. I recently obtained my credit file to see i have a few payday loan companies have defaulted me on there. These are from many years ago and i am now taking responsibility for my stupidity. I am all taking responsibility for these debts but some of the addons are outrageous ( particularly MINICREDIT) so i have decided to try my luck with CCA requests firsts and see if i can get some headway. So i sent off the standard CCA template to all the companys with my £1 and recorded delivery and had a few letters back. Pre
  9. hello i checked my credit fine and saw an entry from microcredit for £500 back from 2012. I didnt not reconise the debt so i sent off the standard CCA letter with enclosed fee ect.. I got a letter back yesterday from micro credit. No signed agreement or statement as requested.. Just a load of junk advising i should go to the police if i think that someone has taken out the application in my name as it could be fraud.. bla bla bla.. anyone else received such a response?
  10. just an update.. called lowel who advised that the CCJ was put on by HSBC and they cannot remove. spoke with HSBC and they say they cannot remove because its valid. stuck! any advice?
  11. Thank you i will get in touch with them tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
  12. There no name it just the court where it was issued in this case northampton
  13. I havnt asked lowell to remove. Do they have the authority to ?
  14. Hello everyone Ive had a debt written off by lowell as a "gesture of good will" This is a quite an old debt with a ccj against it. The ccj will be 6 years next year so its still showing on my credit file My question is now the debt has been cleared (and completly removed from my credit file may i add. Not even in the closed accounts section!) can i get the ccj removed also?
  15. Thank you very much for your replys i will be looking into further! many thanks
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