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  1. Hi Thank you so much for all your help on this site- not only to me but so many others. Debt problems is psychological torture and trying to balance normal day activity and all the pressures is difficult but made bearable by this site!
  2. Hi I have attached the letters I have received from Capquest and Moorcroft.What is the bemused letter? Bank of Scotland.pdf
  3. Hi Lily White All I received is the letter from capquest saying the account is on hold and next the letter from Moorcroft - no other notification. The moorcroft letter states thet they are acting on behalf of the bank( original creditor). I will try to scan the letters in.
  4. Hi All! After sending the CCa and SAR to Capquest, I have received a letter from them dated 25 June that the account is on hold for 28 days. I have not received anything from them or the original creditor. I have received a letter today from Moorcroft dated 16/7/09. A letter of intended litigation before legal proceedings in the County Court. They are asking for the full amount i.e. £4700. Is Moorcroft a different debt collection agency or part of capquest? Any ideas how to proceed?
  5. I cannot dispute the debt but because of all my other commitments, I could not pay for the last 2 months. Would a CCa help in this case to stay the action. Also what is the process for making someone bancrupt-I presume there will be a hearing by the court- if this amount is settled or brought down to below the 750 level- can they still continue with bancruptsy. Also is this published publicly somewhere?
  6. Yes, I still have the envelope. I am just very concerned as the 18 day time period has lapsed and this technically can't be set aside.I also won't be able to go to a court next week as I am not in the area and I will loose my job if made bancrupt.
  7. Hi Can anyone help? This statutary demand was received my myself outside the 18 day time frame. There was also no court name on the document-although it was signed and contact person stated. What procedure should I follow as It would be technically too late to set aside? Would it help at this stage to request CCa and SAR?
  8. Hi SickofA&L Did you set the stat demand aside as well?
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