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  1. I would have thought the Landlord would have had the sense to redirect his/her mail if he/she was that bothered about missing something. IF he/she`s continued using 'your' address then as has been said, it may be worth wondering if he/she is actually doing something that they shouldn`t be.
  2. Thanks NailPost. The complaints procedure is a route I`ll be happy to take if it becomes necessary. I can`t stand it when companies such as these rely on the fact that people will just cough up because they`re intimidated by a letter threatening legal action. It`s not just the fact that I am 100% positive of never having received broadband or any other service from Pipex, it`s the fact that I won`t be bullied either. I`ve sent the above mentioned letter off today via recorded delivery so it`s a case of 'wait and see'.
  3. Thanks very much DonkeyB. I`ve adapted one of the letters and intend to post it off tomorrow. Hopefully it gets my point across: Dear Sir/Madam Re: Account/Reference Number ******** You previously contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself. When I contacted you by telephone on (date), I pointed out that I have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to Pipex. You then offered me the option of ‘settling the debt’ for a final payment of £25.00 which I declined because as I explained I completely dispute this
  4. Thanks very much for your replies, much appreciated. So I`ve sent a letter that doesn`t really pertain to the situation? Hmm, can anyone please point me in the right direction for the 'prove it' letter? Surely I should have received some form of correspondence from FIL even if I did send the wrong letter and surely they should have returned the postal order if they have no cca to send me? Thanks again x
  5. Thank you Scott and I apologise for having posted in the wrong place x
  6. Hi, Firstly I`d like to say a big thankyou for the info and advice on the forum. Secondly I would like to apologise in advance if there is already an answer to my query that I haven`t been able to find so far. My situation involves Fredrickson International Ltd. I received a letter from them approx mid May telling me that they had traced me to my current address and requested that I contact them regarding an outstanding debt to Pipex. I felt a bit confused as I`ve never had any dealings with Pipex but I telephoned FIL and was told that I apparently owe £51.00 for a broadband se
  7. Thanks lamma. I was slightly concerned after my Husband relayed the conversation he had with his friend and I just wasn`t sure whether clamping my car was something they could do and get away with. More to the point....what could I do if this action did occur? No doubt the next letter will be one informing me that `the debt` has been handed to a Debt Recovery Company.......oh well, that will get ignored as well. Thanks again. x
  8. Hi Guys, I previously posted about having received a pcn from AS Securi-T but for some reson I can`t find the thread. Anyway, just to repeat basically, 6 weeks after my car was seen parked in a particular area I received in the post the initial request for £75.00 to be paid within 14 days. Following advice from some great guys on here I ignored the pcn and accompanying letter. I received another letter a couple of days ago stating that as the 14 days have now passed with no payment from myself being forthcoming, I am now liable for £150.00 and I am to forward payment asap. I sti
  9. lol crem, I take that as a slap on the wrist. Does anything they do actually make sense? The letter and pcn are firmly in the kitchen drawer, I`ve not heard anything else yet but now I`ve mentioned it you can guarantee I`ll get another letter this week. They can send as many letters as they like, they`ll be waiting avery long time for any payment.
  10. Ok I`ll keep the pcn and letter safely in a drawer. I wasn`t sure whether or not to scan and post the letter on here that they sent me as well but if they can`t do anything legally then I won`t spend the time scanning anything. Thanks again for your advice lamma, it`s much appreciated.
  11. Hi lamma, Thanks very much for your reply. The PCN states my car was seen in a particular location which was "In Breach of the Regulations as indicated (see overleaf for details) Number 1.2.4" (Overleaf): Breach of Regulations codes: 1: Unauthorised and illegally parked 2: Failing to display a valid permit/ticket/voucher/road fund licence 4: Causing obstruction and inconvenience to others These resons are given as the reasons why I have been sent this PCN. I`ve read some of the threads here and am absolutely disgusted that companies like these are allowed to get
  12. Hi, I`m hoping someone can help me with a problem associated with A S SECURI-T LTD: Car Park Solutions Division PCN Processing Team I received a letter from this company this morning and a parking charge notice, stating that on 13/12/08 I was `apparently parked` and breached rules and regulations 1.2.4 1: Unauthorised and illegally parked 2: Failing to display a valid permit/ticket/voucher/road fund licence 4: Causing obstruction and inconvenience to others On the day in question I did in fact stop in the place stated but was waiting for a lady to get in her car and d
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