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  1. It's ok...I know that wasn't what you were trying to say. It really was such a stupid thing to do and I deeply regret it as it has caused a great deal of distress at a time when I really don't need it. I just know that calling these companies is often problematic and I wondered if putting it in writing would be better? The bank told me that they would be informing the companies that the CPA had been stopped.
  2. I have absolutely no intention whatsoever of borrowing any more money!! It has to go down as the most stupid thing i have ever done in my life!! Obviously I had every intention of repaying and had I been entitled to company sick pay, may have been able to keep up, however I have not been there long enough so it is a case of getting ssp for the for-seeable future. I am signed off for another month as of yesterday and will need quite a lot of recovery time.
  3. I am happy to provide a copy of my sick note or proof of my income but I don't think they need to know the personal details of my surgery do they?
  4. Good morning, I need some help and advice. I took out two loans before Christmas, one with Quick Quid for £300 and one with Lending Stream for £400. I have paid one payment back to Quick Quid of £44 and I have paid two payments to LS - £153 and £212 but there is still a balance of over £400 outstanding. I am currently signed off sick from work and awaiting an operation so I am on SSP. I cannot afford to repay at the rate they want - the next LS payment due is for over £200!! I contacted my bank yesterday and cancelled the CPA. They told me that if either company took any money from my accoun
  5. Hi there, thanks for your reply. Yes, it says I may be prosecuted. I think I am going to write a letter as then I can keep a record of what is said. I mean surely they will see from his NI number that he hasn't earnt or claimed anything. I just have no idea where to start or what to say. I'm scared truth be told. Scared my money will stop, scared I will have to repay thousands of pounds and worst thing is, its my own stupid fault.
  6. Thank you HB. xx
  7. I am in a similar situation myself. Got married Sept 2011. I got a letter saying that they had recieved infor that my partner was living with me. He doesnt work, just stays at home with the children and doesnt claim either. I hust thought that as there were no financial implications that it wouldnt matter but obviously it does matter!!! Feel a bit sick myself as i am scared of what might happen when I "Confess" You are not alone and I hope that knowing that at least helps a little bit. xx
  8. Hi there, I got married last september and my husband moved in with me. He stays at home with the children, he does not work or claim any benefit at all. The only money coming into the house is my wage so I stupidly did not think I needed to tell tax credits as financially, nothing had changed. I got a letter yesterday saying that they had recieved information that I was living with my partner and I have until 15th October to tell them why i did not inform them otherwise my tax credits will be stopped and i will be prosecuted for giving false information. They didn't actually get his surname r
  9. We are also struggling to understand how payments have been made on the account. We have not paid them, one was allegedly paid by cheque and neither of us have, or have ever had a cheque book!!
  10. I have already written to the original creditor, Halifax, but they sent a letter back, which we got today, stating that they no longer had anything to do with the account.
  11. No, we moved in on 2/1/06 My partner knew the previous occupant of the property. And no, I did not know my partner in 2004 but I really do not see waht that has to do with anything. He has been the victim of identity theft. He lived in a completely different county in 2004.
  12. Should also mention that after going through every bit of paperwork in the house I have found an invoice for deposit on a property, on headed paper, from a residential lettings company in Somerset, dated 27th March 2004, with his old address on (Wincanton, Somerset)!!!! Will that be enough to stop Capquest???
  13. We know because we spoke to Capquest and that was the information they gave us. 16th March 2004.
  14. Hi, I posted on here a couple of weeks ago regarding a problem with Capquest and a fraudulent Halifax Credit card. I sent off a CCA request to Capquest after they issued a Statutory Demand for Bankruptcy. I also sent a letter to Halifax explaining that in November 2009 I contacted them regarding a fraudulent credit card application, which they promised to look into but haven't and asking them to a) take the alleged debt back from Capquest and b) look into the matter fully. (I sent a copy of this letter to Crapquest too). I sent them both recorded delivery on 22/5/10. I got a letter back toda
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