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  1. fingers crossed for you tomorrow Andi! Give em hell!!
  2. Yeah, I got a letter from DG this morning with the T+Cs and Policy payments. They said they were sending it following my contact with them. I have never contacted DG!
  3. This week I sent a letter to Welcome saying their agreement is unenforceable (thanks to PeterBard) and I would not be paying anymore, no reply from them yet!! Can I still claim back PPI that was missold? Or does the fact the agreement is unenforceable work both ways? I feel quite bitter that I paid over £6k on something I could never claim on.
  4. Just home from night shift and read your letter, post 2443. Thank you very much for taking the time to do this and for the advice you gave me (and others), I will get this away today and will update you on how it goes.
  5. Hi Peter, I have arrears of £1,200 from late fees , telephone calls and letters (I was only told about these 4 weeks ago when I asked if I had any) over the past 6 years. I wrote a letter of complaint to them 2-3 weeks ago regarding the late fees, acceptance fee added on, and PPI I believe was missold. I told them I wouldn't be paying last month (£231) until I got this sorted. It wasn't sorted but when I contacted my local office to tell them, they said I had to make payments as contracted, so next week I owe them 2 months. They also have until Tuesday to comply with my SAR. If you could help
  6. Hi Post, I would love if one of you could do a letter for me (as long as it really rubs Mr Ps nose in it!!), and thanks for all the help you have given both myself and the other caggers! Every small victory helps put another nail in Cattles coffin!
  7. Peter, you have no idea how happy and relieved you have made me!! I thought I was going to be stuck paying this for another 4 years! What should I do now? Can i ask them to clear the debt? or just stop paying citing the reason you gave me? Can I still claim back PPI I believe was missold? Thanks for your help
  8. Hi Peter, if you are still about and have time, could you have a look over my agreement, thanks. I have signed it on a 2nd page http://i627.photobucket.com/albums/tt356/bandape/1STPAGEOFLOAN.jpg
  9. have you had anything returned yet Mojo8? I've had an incomplete one sent twice this month! They have until Tuesday to comply, then it's 7 day notice followed by County Court! Can't wait1
  10. That is a disgrace! In a letter of complaint I sent regarding my incomplete SAR, I also complained about 7 charges on my account in December (phone calls), a few days later I got a call from their head office saying they had reversed the £70!! Only another £10K to go now!!
  11. Is there a max number of charges (telephone calls etc) they can add to your account in a month? Someone told me it was 2, is this true?
  12. All i got in my SAR was a statement, docs containing contact I had with them and someone elses details about a debt management plan!. I sent them a letter and they sent sent me the exact same things again, including the other persons details! They phoned me following a second complaint letter and promised to send everything they had!
  13. Biddy, I have an agreement from 2003 and the PPI was with NU. Got the same email from NU the rest of you are getting so might chase DG up a bit and see what they say. Anyone got a number for them? Got an incomplete SAR and sent them a letter. They phoned me and said they would send all other Docs to me, including insurance policy(!!) and T+Cs (not holding my breath!), they have 5 days left to comply
  14. Can anyone help me work out my monthly repayments using Loan & APR Calculator ? Everytime I try and work it out, I am coming up with a figure higher than what i am paying!!! I have counted the PPI with interest over 60 mths and worked this into 120 payments and still I am coming up over!! Please dont tell me I have under paying them!!!
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