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  1. has anyone received a telephone call off these muppets today???????????? Mid - morning today o/h answered a call from acenden, asking if everythhing was ok! And to inform us that interet rate has slightly risen, and a letter would be on its way to clarify this... and all we need to do is pay, on the 15th (as we normally do) to ensure that it is cleared by the 19th (made this arrangement with them in Jan, without any fuss on their part, job change on my part,) i cant help but get the impression that everytime we have to speak with them, that they seem to fall over themselves to go out of their way to be helpful!!! which on its own merits is very un -settling, i just wish i knew what we seem to have over them...i cant quite put my finger on it....i wont let them intimidate me, i run rings around them everytime i reluctantly have to speak over the phone....i mean they even had the audacity to quote being seen to be responsible lenders, when i rang to clear 5.5k of their fabricated arrears in december....i mean, pleeeease. i will be ringing them on monday to find out what the problem is, as we all know acenden just dont do Customer service, and especially not on saturday mornings!!!!....so what is the hidden agenda acenden??? is the fsa finally closing their net in on you? or will you be fabricating a charge to start the arrears rollercoaster again?????
  2. have you tried the fscs website?? daft question i know but you may be able to get one from there. bo2
  3. ive decided to hang fire signing and sending anything....it all stinks imho....like mark we too have fos involved..so waiting to see what appears in the near future... plus we havent paid anything to them for the last 2 years..so any refund due will just be snatched back, theyve already defaulted us on cra...so whats another few years?? especially when they have the audacity to regurgitate and reinvent a so called agreement ....as far as we are concerned they can wait to get their £24.5k ...not!!!! let us know what you unearth from your phonecalls mark..
  4. Is there any update for this thread? ...sorry if iv'e missed it elsewhere..not been around for a while:-)
  5. I dont need the flu to drink the irish coffees, i just drink them anyway, i do use the excuse it keeps the drafts at bay though!! lol:lol: Cheers...hic!!!
  6. Thanks for the help Crapstone,i m just in the middle of getting this lot of to the Fos at the moment. Hope you have fully recovered from your flu?? bo2
  7. I totaly agree sue. Today for example..rang them to clarify account balance after clearing the arrears on 31/12/10, again to stop their repossession order, in a matter of a minute we were told that the account had a credit balance of over £1k, and then we were told we still had an arrears balance of £65.00. What is more this has accrued off their £115.00 litigation fee, that they have decided to add after several conversations stating that it had not been added for some reason, but they have decided to use the £50.00 surplus that was a payment that was for the arrears arrangement as per the court order, this was stated with the covering letter...now call it what you like, but i call it theft..stealing.....they should have returned the cheque and a letter advising they were adding the £115.oo to the account........ forwarding this info to the fos...
  8. Thanks Sawyer..Yes i am well aware these fees are still to be added, which will be interesting in themselves!!!...money for nothing springs to mind, they seemed to have forgotten to take this into consideration wheni kept asking thme to clarify their settlement figure on several occassions, Transparency, could be a good word to use in future, and i will be requesting a copy of the invoice, as i have on the previous 4 occassions, as all of a sudden glenisters, who send us their letters seem to have changed their name suddenly to TLF ???. Yes this year could be good for us all, especially now we have richard dyson of the mail on sunday, bringing their wrongdoings into the public eye!!! adding presure to the fos and fsa...well heres hoping anyway!!
  9. Hi all Just looking for some info...can anyone advise how we get a suspended repo order, finished,set aside, notice of discontinuance, which court form is it?? As of today i have paid the outstanding arrears balance, and have a cancelled eviction which was due to take place , mid january with this bunch of legalised loan sharks. When i say we have no arrears, i will see what next week holds, after much to'ing and fro'ing on the phone the figure they gave in a letter at the begining of december was higher than the one given on the phone several times which was quoted as the figure upto 31st dec, when i say a cancelled eviction they rang the solicitor today...who are they trying to kid, my solicitor closed xmas eve and wont reopen until jan 4th. So i will ring the court and balliff myself on tuesday to ensure they are aware of cancelled eviction!! As a long suffering vet on the capstone forum, i know alot of the stunts these morons pull, and have gathered some interesting facts, and am currently fighting these charges through the fos, all i will say at the moment is capstone have shot themselves in the feet a few times recently, i still maintain they have failed to follow pre action protocol on several points, this is even better when they have contradicted themselves in black and white on numerous occassions. They have not been able to give me a true, accurate figure to settle on because, they dont know what the interst on arrears figure is, which may or may not be added to the acct in jan, they are not sure if the litigation fee is going to be added or not. In conclusion of the above as of 31st dec my arrears are clear, as of 4th jan, i will ring again and ask what my balance is... All the best to everyone on here for 2011, i hope we can all keep putting the pressure on the relevant powers, and bring this joke of a company to its knees, and the sooner the better in mho.
  10. Hi guys Huge thanks for all the support so far...Received the long awaited reply letter, to my formal complaints, re their charges, and various other complaints..still digesting it, i note that they haven't marked it as a final response though!! I also note a couple of other things that could be useful, Like o/h dsar was never sent, because the signature didn't match the one that they hold on file, i used a n anti copy and paste security technique when we sent an authorisation letter.....the funny thing is, that the other day our solicitors clerk actually made a comment on it,as we signed the paperwork and i quote "no one will be able to copy that" Some other things look interesting, but need my files back of Sols... N244 form is a work in progress, and will be filed Monday... We are also looking at a couple of contingency plans... Thanks so far will be back later!!
  11. Hi Crapstone. Things have happened at great speed recently, lots of other issues, o/h unemployed, and my hours reduced drastically, took over 8 weeks and a hard battle with benefits help, kept capstone fully informed all the way, they are refusing to refund charges etc that make up the alledged £6.5k arrears, although their response to this was apparently sent on 2nd Dec, and again on the 10th...still waiting!! All other litigation letters have taken 2 days.. Filed complaint with fos in october, Fos said my docs that i returned on 6 dec,are not logged on system as of last monday but they do have a backlog We qualify for legal help, and was at the solicitors yesterday, returning to the letters hand posted of court balliff...solicitors have all our files, but are just concentrating on contract and arrears at the moment, how long they will take to get back to us i dont know, they close xmas eve to 4th jan... I need to file n244 form..but all info with sols, so not sure which way to take just now,
  12. had warrent reinforced and been given eviction date for 25 days from now....and apparently even though they have sent the mortgage interest support forms back to dwp, it means nothing to our current situation!!!
  13. this may be of use for some of us with ppi issues for contracts pre 2005.. http://www.fscs.org.uk/news/2010/november/update-on-cattles-plc-and-welco-nfx7mimd/index.html
  14. looks ok to me zither, may i borrow certain parts of that to include in my letter to the boss lady ??
  15. Had another interesting conversation with a muppet in the litigation department this morning!! Lets just say things are at a critical stage with the Brassed's and the crappers at the moment...without going too much into the in's and outs's. Charges refund still under review with the FOS, muppet confirmed though that if shortfall is not met by the end of Nov they will reinstate repossession, but in the mean time if shortfall is met by end nov they will look at other options, one being arrears consolidation, although this wont be done due to current affordability. In the meantime account is having charges added to it!! When i asked why they are considering consolidation at end of nov and not now, so that we can make an informed decision if this is suitable for us to persue!!, and why not 2 years ago when affordability was much healthier than now..he could not answer. The guy couldnt answer anything i asked because i had backed him into a corner, he was frantically typing away!!! that will make interesting reading, i'm sure!! I know i shouldnt speak with them on the phone..but time is not on our side at the moment..and i would normally do things in writing only, but i am following these conversations up with emails and letters in the formal complaint capacity...plus it's a good feeling to turn the tables, asking them outright things they wouldnt expect the likes of joe public to know or understand for that matter...and yes they are squirming in their seats whilst they try and remain polite...
  16. MIF, is a mortgage indemnity fee, and in my opinion should not be added to an unsecured loan!!! I would suggest you send off for a Dsar asap.
  17. Just to update on the above on 8/11 we received yet another letter from Expert Credite, the balance remains the same £24.5k, so no dca charges added??? They say that despite attempts to contact us directly by letter and telephone..(2 calls, o/h said in writing only, 3rd and 4th recorded messages ..no person!!) letter goes on to say as it looks like you are not going to make payment towards clearing this debt we have no other option than to recommend our client that they commence legal proceedings...bla!! blah!! now i am still confused, as if i was willing and able to pay £24.5k at the drop of a hat, would i pay welscum? experto credite?? or uk search ltd?? Experto credite still havent had the courtesy of replying to our proove yourselves letter???
  18. Hi Andi... long time no speak, others seem to be receiving these letter too, take a look here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?282993-should-i-be-suspicious!!!-welcome-finance and some of us are being passed around the DCA'S at the moment:-x let us know how you get on!
  19. http://www.uksearchlimited.com/web/htmlsite/services.html This is what they say on their website.....
  20. Hi Gram1 there are a couple of threads on the go at the moment in relation to dca collection, marks got one, ive got one and bebo has
  21. So where do we go from here now? Still no NOA off WFS / EC OR UK SEARCH!! Experto Credite letter received by us 21/10 demanding £24.5k in full within 7 days. EC threatmonkey rings us, and gets sent off with bee in his ear on 3/11. 5/11 letter received by us dated 1/11 off another dca called uk search limited, using more threatening remarks to payup in full but no date to pay by. Needless to say, no rely as of yet to letter sent off us to EC, and same letter going off to uksearch first thing in the morning....
  22. i got mine this morning Bebo.... its terminollogy is a little more threatening in its manner too!! Thing is, we had a call off Experto Credite's threat monkey on 3/11, and uk searches letter is dated as the 1/11
  23. Well the phone calls have started, OH advised not speaking to them, everything in writing only, and they will be in receipt of a letter from us!! The threat monkey told other half he had to speak to him, OH replied in no uncertain terms, no i dont have to do anything you say...hence to say threat monkey hung up!!
  24. Ours were signed, on premises, 2004,2005,2006 & 2007. The final one signed 2008, via post, no face to face contact whatsoever!
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