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  1. I contacted my 'legal expenses insurance' who assigned a firm of solicitors to handle the case. However, that company phoned to say they wouldn't take on the case because " it's notoriously difficult to win a claim against a shipping company". Without asking a single question about the incident. I wrote back to my insurance but haven't received a reply.
  2. Hi I may be in the wrong forum,sorry for that. I am at the moment in communication with a ferry company about an accident on one of their ships. I did write to their offices in the UK months ago but didn't get a reply. So I wrote to their head office in Sweden. They got their solicitors to write to me with a form to fill in. It asked for permission to get full medical records from my doctor. My doctor has written to me saying it is not good practice to send the full medical records and is waiting for my decision. Does anybody here know if it is normal for solicitors to request F
  3. These film and music people make me sick. According to them it's wrong for me to buy a film or album and then lend to my friends. I am self employed, working from home, I recently received a letter from the performing rights numbnuts extolling the virtues of me buying a licence to play a radio on my premises for the entertainment of my non-existent customers. They are idiots.
  4. I wasn't aware it is illegal. what a waste of time. people have been doing it for decades since the days of tape recorders.
  5. sales won't increase, I've always said that. in my experience dvds and cds are only bought as xmas presents (easy option). actually most films and albums I've bought in the past, weren't worth buying.
  6. By the way. If the refund doesn't materialise, which is likely, write back to Network Rail not Apcoa
  7. This result is because you wrote to Network Rail and they contacted APCOA. I've done this many times with different companies and different problems. I have 100% successful outcomes using the route I advised. Well Done
  8. Don't write to Apcoa. Get in touch with Network Rail (If they are the owners of the land). The owner or lessee of the carpark is responsible for the actions of their agents (Apcoa) No buck passing
  9. Supermarkets and retail parks supply car parks for one reason only: to attract customers Why should you then have to pay. The cost of building or leasing a carpark is budgeted for in their merchandise pricings. Any 'cut' they receive from PPCs is bunce.
  10. Exactly right. It's not called a CREDIT file, report, score for nothing.
  11. That's what I was wondering. If anybody who says we owe them money could interfere with our credit file, I'm sure most of the population would have a bad credit rating.
  12. I've just read the article. Aren't all these Police Spokesmen admitting that installation of average speed cameras could increase dangers on our roads. Shouldn't these statements make the installation of these devices irresponsible and therefore unlawful.
  13. Just as an aside: I was told by a council parking official that 'upside down ticket' actually means 'face down'. A lot of CEOs issue a ticket on the assertion that a ticket 'not straight' is 'upside down' I'm talking Council Wardens here.
  14. I've never seen a post on here advising people not to pay in a 'pay & display' Also Kat Pat ' it is no guarantee that parking in a free car park will not result in a [problem] being perpetrated on you (including Lakeside, Tesco, Sainsbury et al.)'
  15. Thanks. I'm thinking of writing a letter of complaint to Sir Terry Leahy, head of Tesco. Asking if a customer enters a Tesco car park but finds it full, is it their policy that they would want the customer to drive straight out and not spend the £80 in their shop. Edit: In fact I'm going to write.
  16. Funny how these people profess to be 'holier than thou' in the first few posts. Then gradually their true personality comes to the fore. It is my opinion that this person LOVES giving out tickets without any thought for the moral rights or wrongs.
  17. Thanks for replying so quickly Michael. That is ordinarily what I would do. If they were stupid enough to start court action, would my son have to attend? He's actually getting worried about it (he doesn't say as much but I can tell by his body language.
  18. Hi Everyone. My son received a notice from 'UK Parking Ltd' in late November. However, I was driving the car and parked in Tesco. The 'contravention' is for parking out of a bay. Anyway I told my son not to bother and I would deal with it, I was so incensed that I wrote denying the 'offence' and said I was driving. ( completely forgetting what I had read on this forum). Another letter came 'still addressed to my son' so as has been mentioned here before, they don't even read the latters. I wrote back signing with my name, their reply 'still addressed to my son' was that t
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