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  1. Hi.. I am in a similar situation with the HFX however i sent my cancellation recorded delivery and they are denying receiving it so I will need to go into the branch with my recorded delivery note
  2. Hi all.. I have been approved for a warm front grant an engineer came out had a look and said ok fine the boiler can be fitted where the previous one was (it was an old emersion heater).. around 2/3 months later I received a call to say someone was coming to fit on Monday which is today.. so I booked the day off and stayed in.. two chaps turned up had a little look and after scractching their heads stated that the boiler can not be fitted where It was supposed to due to regulation etc.. I have moved one of the kitchen units and they will be coming out tomorrow to fit it now... Can I ask i
  3. Hi Guys, Great Forum.. I have not had a chance to look at the parking tiket threads before anyway, i will just tell everyone my experience I was displaying a parking ticket when I went to visit my friend who lives in a block of flats in London Newbury Park! he gave me a temp pass and I displayed this in the windscreen internally. However when I came back out I did not notice any parking fines notice on the car, I came home and around 1 month later I recieved a bill from my AS SECURI T LTD asking me to pay £117.50 fo rbeing illegally parked. I replied and advised them I was displaying a valid v
  4. thanx, was deffinetley worth the wait.. they tried also making me swear confidentiallity you know!! I sent the letter back crossed out that section and accepted.. but the cheek!! 1 day before the court settlement. M Naseer
  5. Hiya, received a letter from Barclays Yesterday and they have agreed to pay me teh amount claimed for plus 100 pounds, the nhearring was due today.. htey followed up the letter with a phone call and asked me to ask me if I accept the offer, quite natureally they are paying me the amount I am claiming for so I have asked them to amend the letter to my choice of words before I can sign it.. regards Nas
  6. Hi, I returned the questionnaire to the court myself around 2/3 weeks ago and sent it recorded delivery I have not heard anything either ... dont know if this is normal, if you find out let me know aswell. Nas
  7. Hi, I have been through all the stages set out on the forum in order to claim back 1050. The bank made me an offer which I only accepted as part payment and sent the letter in the library. They refused so to accept and were sad that i am going to court. I have recentley registerred an online claim against the bank for the full amount + 120 court costs. Received a letter 2 days ago saying they will be entering into a defence for all the money. The letter was signed by someone called Keith Jerimah. so basically I now wait for a questionnaire? this questionnaire how long does it normally take?
  8. Hi folks, I have recentley tired claiming back some unfair bank charges and followed teh step by steo guide listed on the action group.. anyways I recentley completed an on claim form and have today received a ltter from the bank saying they will be defending all the charges! is this normal? as I was expecting them to have paid out by now..
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