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  1. yeah thats more or less what I have spent the weekend doing and searching online etc! tomorrow is supposedly the day they return!
  2. how can I contact tomtubby? I'm relativley new to this forum.. I just want to say I really appreciate all your advice though. I feel less scared to be in my home by the day!
  3. thanks for your advice chris600uk.. my new worry is if we pay the council and then despute the fees with bailiffs can they still enter our house and take our stuff whilst the bailiffs fees are unpaid? is their wpa still valid if the council are satisfied that we have paid our debt to them. what rights have the bailiffs with regards to their outstanding fees because time is running out and I want to be fully equiped with knowledege of my rights when they come to my door!! thanks
  4. well yeah thats what im assuming!! Its taken a year to pay off £100. I think I mentioned before we initially paid the first bailiff £45.00. then since then have paid £25.00 a month to Rossendales. Rossendales have confirmed they have recieved over £300 from us but wont confirm exactley the amount and the council confirmed have only got £100 of this!!! I mean after a year paying we are still in as much debt as the original tax bill was for. I dont know but this seems like they have gone a little extreme with the charges. The council didn't seem that bothered. Really like I said we have
  5. My husband just spoke to the council and they have said we owe £298 to them from the original bill. If we pay this do we still will have to pay the bailiffs fees. The outstanding fees with the bailiff is for the van to remove our things which they havent yet come in so do we still have to pay for this even though there has been no van? The money we have paid so far has mostly gone towards their fees it seems. or Is it best to pay the bailiffs, then question the fees after. I dont know the best way forward as I think we have been unfairly charged. Anyones help is much appreciated!
  6. hello There is a part on the wpa that says: You may remove and sell those goods at any time aftre 14 days after date shown below. If I have not then paid the sum due and your fees, charges and expenses. .. dated 4/2/08. The amount on the liability order is £398.21. As far as I am aware (my husband spoke to the first bailiff) there was no date set up and I certainly cannot see a date on any of the correspondence I have before me. We paid £45.00 upfront to the bailiff when he did his first visit. since then we have a barcoded letter that we have taken to the post office month
  7. We didnt check he has a valid certificate at the time as we didnt understand all this back then. He hasnt left his name only a signature.. The exact wording on Wpa is: wood dining table, 4x dining table chairs, wood sideboard, wood/glass side unit, silver pacific TV, wood coffee table. The coffee table is my mums but my husband has signed the wpa so I guess that makes the fact its hers irrelevant? A lady at CAB mentioned it might not be allowed as dining table could be deemed something we need when we have a 2 year old child? At the time the bailiff came my husband said he
  8. Are there any template letters to bailiffs? I want to get one off to Rossendales today to question the fees added to our account regarding an old council Tax bill. They already have walking possesion and are coming after monday apparently, to get our things so I want to get it off today! thank you
  9. Thank you so much for your replies! I havent written to them because we were told our CAB advisor would do this. I cant sleep been up since 4am. Our CAB advisor comes in on Tuesday and the bailiffs were asked to hold off until tuesday so It may all be too late! Although I think I will write to them today so they get it Monday... I have a two year old daughter and all I keep imagining is them breaking in and taking our things from around us! The doctor prescribed me antidepressants cause I cant seem to pull together.
  10. Hello A year ago we moved to our current address. Having never recieved a council tax bill we wrote to our council and told them we were moving and wanted our bill. This never came, On calling them they never answered their phone. So we moved. Three months later we had a doorstep call from a bailiff from Rossendales. Not knowing the first thing about Rossendales or bailiffs back then he came in and we stupidly signed his walking possesion form. In our defence we always wanted to pay this debt in the first place. The total amount we owed to the council was £378 with Rossendales f
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