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  1. Thought I'd let you know. Despite not needing to, Parcel2Go have very kindly authorised a refund to cover the speakers. I am very impressed and surprised given the contract didn't require this. Thanks for all the advice - I thought it only fair to make sure they got some credit for doing the right thing. I will be using them again.
  2. Thanks for looking at this. When enter your details. You enter the parcel contents as "speaker" and it flags up a warning to say : "Speaker" are not protected for damages and are only protected for loss where Parcel Protection is taken. See our Items Protected for Loss Only list. Reading this again, I misread it originally. I think I'm wasting your time sadly. How frustrating - I should never have used this service. My own fault.
  3. They used ParcelForce. Parcel2Go's standard terms are that speakers are protected against loss only, unless you take out their additional insurance (at least that's how I understood it) - which is why i paid for it.
  4. Hey guys - I've read a fair few of the Hermes related posts but hoping you can guide me here. I paid Parcel2Go to ship 2 speakers to me, via ParcelForce from an ebay seller (Value £170 + £33 shipping) I stated on the form it was 2 speakers, and having been told that these were protected for loss only, I took out their insurance (£9 cost) The seller packed them according to their packaging tips page - two layers of corrugated cardboard and some corrugated plastic cushioning (4 layers). They arrived badly damaged - the base smashed on one, cracked on the other.
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