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  1. Thanks a lot ,should put his mind at rest.will talk to him tomorrow and report back. Should he just carry on just ignoring now it's gone this long. Thanks
  2. It is dr+ ltd for parking in the old angel pub in Doncaster without a permit . He was working as a temp doorman on the night at the angel.
  3. Do jd parking consultants ltd do court , asking for a friend who got a ticket in April last year and now getting the usual debt recovery plus garbage , now wanting £160 thanks.
  4. Don't think he can tow it away today, I believe he has to give you reasonable time to pay before he can do that
  5. 1visit= 1 fee however many accounts they are collecting on. Levy invalid so total fees come to £18.50. More knowledgable people will be with you soon
  6. Hi thanks for the quick reply, not sure that is the right one but i could adapt to suit. My problem is with the benefits office for ct. I was on DLA at the high rate plus full rate care, from december 2009-december 2011 I was working all this time self employed . It was taking me six to seven days to do the work i normally did in one day , but i felt better in myself not claiming esa (employment support allowance). the benefits office forgott to ask for my self employed accounts for this period, and asked me to send in my accounts, and stated copies would not do. I sent all my accounts to the benefits office, and they said they had not received them . they then stopped my councill tax benefit because i could not resend my accounts because i stupidly did not have copies. I then won my appeal to have my DLA and care allowance re-instated from december 2011 for an indefinate period , I then tryed to re apply for councill tax again, but as i was still self employed they refused me unless i could provide accounts for the last two years. i am now using my dla money to pay councill tax that i should be using for taxies and mobility aids etc , I dont earn much money if any in my self employment but it keeps me from going insane. the simple solution is to stop work then i could claim full councill tax benefit. I prefere to carry on working, but cannot aford to, i thought a sar might show they had received my accounts. Thanks for the help very gratefull
  7. where can i get a copy of the template sar letter for council tax. cannot find the right one in the library or perhaps someone could post me a copy thanks in advance gstanny
  8. flashpark are toothless tigers and will not take you to court, do not pay them. just ignore any letters, they will go away.
  9. they cannot levy or clamp the car if its displaying a blue badge, make sure its displayed 24/7
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